I’m a CBD Skeptic—Here’s What Happened When I Infused My Entire Skin-Care Routine With the Buzzy Ingredient

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I'll admit it: Ever since the CBD trend came zooming into the wellness scene, I had zero interest in giving it a shot. Kind of like when you go so long without starting a TV show that everyone's watching, I felt like I was too late to the game. Okay, I maybe chomped on a gummy or two when they were around (I do work at Well+Good), but I was never sure that I could chalk up my good mood to the CBD or to placebo effect.

But contrary to my previous assumption that the CBD movement would eventually die down, it's only gained more devotees. So I decided it was finally time to put my skepticism to the test—and what better way than with my skin-care routine? (I'm always down for a beauty trial.)

Enter Lab to Beauty, a 360-degree range of CBD skin care all centered around the reported soothing powers of CBD and plants. "CBD is better for the spa effect," Alison Ragusa, co-founder of Lab to Beauty says. "It’s so soothing and makes your self care very calm and relaxing."

I can't say no to an at-home spa (I'm not a total hater, okay?), so with those soothing vibes in mind I set out to reveal the truth once and for all: How do I really feel about one of the biggest wellness trends to happen this decade? Don't worry, you'll find out, too.

Keep reading to find out what I learned from trying out CBD skin care.

CBD skin care
Photo: Lab to Beauty

Let me give you a little breakdown

First, it's necessary for you have the full picture of my CBD-infused routine. Ragusa suggested that I start with the Lab to Beauty Balancing Face Wash, since it's designed to be non-stripping and gentle while removing excess oil and makeup. I smelled like rosemary and lavender afterward—and I'm not complaining.

Next up was the Green Cure Mask. Pro tip from the founder herself: Put it on in the shower to amp up the spa factor, so that the hot water will open your pores and welcome in all the matcha and french green clay into your skin. Once I washed the mask off, I spritzed myself with the Refreshing Mist—which, as its name suggests, is basically a pick-me-up in a bottle with notes of aloe vera, rose, green tea, and peppermint.

Once I was spritzed, I move onto the last leg: the Quick Fix Serum and Recovery Oil, which Ragusa recommended using together especially in the dry winter months. With hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and rosemary, the Quick Fix provided an instant surge of hydration while the Recovery Oil (made with matcha, argan oil, and primrose oil) acted as a lightweight finishing touch.

To really seal the deal, I slathered on the Omega Fatty Facial Moisturizer to help firm and tighten my skin with avocado and primrose oil. Ragusa says it's also the ideal moisture shield (side note: Where has a moisture shield been my whole life?).

Blending skin care into self care is totally a thing

Skin care, for me anyway, has been something I rush through right before bed (or semi-asleep, who am I kidding?). But, after talking with Ragusa about the soothing properties of CBD and how it can help enhance your feeling of calm before hitting the pillow, I realized I could turn this into a self-care moment, too.

"Nothing really sets the stage for self care than CBD, and it makes that time that you’re taking so precious and makes it the best experience for you," she says. Coming at my CBD skin-care routine through a treat-myself lens made me more positive—and even excited—about all the washing, serum-ing, and moisturizing that I wasn't accustomed to doing nightly.

Mind blown: A skin-care routine for your body is a must

A major realization I had during my CBD experiment is that I've been overlooking my body care. Up until now, I only allotted myself time to cleanse, exfoliate (sometimes), and moisturize my face—but that means there's a whole lot of skin left over that hasn't received the same TLC.

So with Lab to Beauty's body-care products in hand, I was ready to get glowing. The Brightening Body Wash (and bubble bath) left my arms and legs ultra silky. Then, I layered on Better Body Serum with vitamin C, algae, coffee bean, and rosehip oil for a cool-and-tingly feeling that worked to help tighten my skin.

The final step of my journey into CBD skin care was the Ultra Lush Body Butter. It doesn't go on too thick or heavy like a lot of other body butters out there, while also making my entire body feel super smooth. I guess it's time to make the announcement: Count this CBD skeptic converted.

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Top photo: Getty Images/katiafonti

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