I Tried Stirring CBD Into My Beverages for a Zero-Effort Wellness Moment—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

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Two things about me: One, I’m a beverage girl. My emotional-support water bottle is on me at all times, and I live for sipping on new, fun drinks. Two, I'm constantly on the move. I thrive on a jam-packed schedule, which means I don't carve out a lot of time for relaxing.

When I do stumble on an unoccupied minute, I find it hard to actually unwind—so I'm always on the lookout for low-effort tips and tricks to help me chill out. You might be thinking, "This girl needs to try CBD!" The truth is, despite the ever-expanding world of cannabis, I hadn't exactly dipped my toes in yet—that is, until I heard about HOLISTIK Wellness CBD stir sticks. Given my love of all things sippable and all things on-the-go, my interest piqued at the thought of creating a calming wellness moment that's also portable.

The sticks come in a variety of formulas that combine CBD with other ingredients to help you target your wellness goals: focus, sleep, and stress, all of which are newly available at The Vitamin Shoppe®. While I awaited their arrival, I tapped Jamie Evans, CBD expert and author of The Ultimate Guide to CBD, for the 411 on my latest attempt at self care.

"Before using CBD, it’s best to determine why you want to take it and then figure out how you’re going to integrate it into your routine based on your particular needs," Evans says. And once you kick off your CBD regimen, consider it a long-term play. "Although you might not feel it right away, you will begin to notice its benefits over time."

Bottom line, Evans says that taking CBD regularly can affect systems in your body that influence things like mood, memory, and more. With that in mind, I was sold—and even more excited to give HOLISTIK Wellness CBD stir sticks a try. Keep reading for my honest thoughts after a few weeks of zero-effort sipping.

Finding focus

Clearing my head isn’t always easy. Sitting down and focusing on one thing can be hard for me, whether I'm halfway through a work assignment or desperately trying to finish a novel the day before book club.

According to Evans, CBD can help by increasing levels of a neurotransmitter called endocannabinoid anandamide (AEA), which affects memory, higher thought processes, and more.

Before I settled in to read the last few chapters of my book, I peeled the seal off the HOLISTIK Wellness focus stick—made with lion’s mane and green coffee beans to support cognitive function—and put it to the test. Shortly after stirring it into a steamy cup of tea, I noticed my shoulders relax a bit. And I nearly forgot to take note of my focus, because I was so absorbed in my novel. Verdict: I'll definitely reach for another focus stick next time I need some uninterrupted brain power (like, before next month's book club gathering).

Resting up

For me, falling asleep doesn't come naturally. I toss and turn for hours before my mind decides to stop fretting over that one awkward interaction I had three years ago.

So, after learning about CBD’s calming effects on the central nervous system (which can positively affect your snooze), I was seriously crossing my fingers it could help me chillax pre-slumber. Blessedly, out of all the CBD stir sticks I tried, I experienced the most tangible benefits from the sleep variety. I mixed it into the glass of water that lives on my nightstand, and after scrolling on my phone for a few minutes (guilty), sleep came more easily than usual thanks to complementary ingredients like melatonin and chamomile.

The biggest difference I noticed, though, was how I woke up: an hour before my alarm rang and feeling seriously well-rested, which happens approximately never. These sticks are officially invited into my nightly routine.

Stressing less

Recently, I had a particularly high-anxiety day at work that left me feeling flustered. Remembering that Evans said that CBD has been linked to instilling a sense of calm, I decided to give my stress stir stick a try for a bit of reprieve without major effort.

“The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is often depleted when we are experiencing chronic stress,” she says (burnout, anyone?). Integrating CBD into your daily health routine can help rebalance your ECS and restore those diminished endocannabinoids.

Stirred into my emotional-support water bottle during a quick break between meetings, the stress stick had a few subtle-yet-immediate effects. My chest felt a little less tight, and my mind felt more at ease—and thanks to the combo of CBD and lemon balm, it was just the refresher my beverage-loving taste buds were after. You can officially count me as a card-carrying member of the CBD fan club.

Want to try HOLISTIK Wellness CBD stir sticks for yourself? Score some for 20 percent off at The Vitamin Shoppe from May 1 to 14!

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