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7 Fitness Gurus That Celebs Love (but Anyone Can Work With)

Photo: Instagram/@reesewitherspoon
They sip on superfood-loaded smoothies and sport face masks in the air to keep themselves in tip-top form (all while standing up to the scrutiny of the media). In other words, celebrities take their well-being very seriously.

So when it comes to their workouts, many leave it to a trusted trainer to help them through endless rounds of burpees and Lemonade-soundtracked grapevine sessions—especially when preparing for extra-strenuous on-screen roles. From sweat-dripping dance cardio to another (and another) set of high-rep, low-weight lifting, they treat their wellness guru's advice like most people treat Susan Miller's monthly horoscopes: like gospel.

But while not all of us have tour buses stocked with SoulCycle bikes, that doesn't mean it's impossible to ride alongside a celeb at your next sweat session. In fact, most of these trainers work with way more than just famous faces. Which means that, yes, this is how you get to one degree of separation from Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, or Kelly Ripa.

So who are the beloved trainers who keep your favorite stars in shape? Keep reading to find out.

Photo: Instagram/@risenation
Photo: Instagram/@risenation

Jason Walsh

The Rise Nation founder doesn't let his clients off the hook easily. And while he trains one-on-one, many celebrities rave about his signature mountain-climbing classes (using machines called VersaClimbers). What makes them so successful? They utilize the upper and lower body simultaneously, in a type of movement that's natural to humans. Jennifer Aniston raves about the class, and she isn't alone. Ashley Greene, Emma Stone, Bradley Cooper, and Minka Kelly are also among Walsh's many celeb clients.

Photo: Instagram/@reesewitherspoon
Photo: Instagram/@reesewitherspoon

Simone De La Rue

The crazy-successful trainer's lifelong love of dance and fascination with anatomy helped her to create a training method beloved by celebrities. Not only does variety keep you on your toes (classes range from total body strengthening to trampoline cardio), but Body by Simone also is designed to prevent injury, which is key for consistently on-the-go celebs like Chrissy Teigen, Sandra Bullock, Matt Damon, and Reese Witherspoon.

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Don Saladino

The owner of private-training focused gyms Drive 495 and Drive 443 knows how to make you work. Hard. And it pays off. (Have you seen Blake Lively recently?) Focused on total body strength and conditioning, Saladino creates workouts that tailor to individual needs. Lively isn't the only hot celeb that is benefiting from Saladino's training: Actors Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Gosling are also on the list.

Photo: Instagram/@tracyandersonmethod
Photo: Instagram/@tracyandersonmethod

Tracy Anderson

The renowned trainer has sculpted everyone from Lena Dunham to Gwyneth Paltrow, not to mention lots of motivated women who aren't in the spotlight. And just because Anderson is no longer accepting celebrity clients doesn't indicate a decrease in her popularity among the stars. The Tracy Anderson Method changes consistently to keep you—and, more importantly, your muscles—challenged. And when you have a schedule as crazy as JLo's or Cameron Diaz's, Anderson's DVDs and streaming workouts make it super simple to stay in shape at home (or on the road).

Photo: Courtesy Andie Hecker
Photo: Courtesy Andie Hecker

Andie Hecker

The Ballet Bodies founder is cherished by her clients for whipping them into top shape, without adding bulk. Her workouts focus on the balance between muscle strength and endurance, cardio, and flexibility in order to achieve a lean dancer-esque physique. She's so good that Margot Robbie flew her out to help her get ready for Suicide Squad—no doubt her other devoted clients, like Phoebe Tonkin, were probably super jealous.

gigi hadid rob piela boxing
Photo: Instagram/@gothamgym

Rob Piela

Whether you're a celeb or fitness junkie, it's no secret that boxing is having a major moment. Why? Not only is it fun (and perfect for releasing aggression), but it's also effective. Just ask supermodel Gigi Hadid, one of several models who use the competitive workouts to stay in camera-ready form. And the Gotham Gym coach and owner adds cardio and bodyweight exercises to an already-strenuous routine to ensure clients work up a serious sweat. Next time you're at the punching bag, just be sure not to throw any stray punches. You wouldn't want to be responsible for giving an it-model a black eye....

Photo: Instagram/@hilaryduff
Photo: Instagram/@hilaryduff

Anna Kaiser

The dance-cardio maven has a celeb list longer than the waitlist for Hamilton tickets. AKT InMotion's founder keeps her clientele strong and sweaty with a mix of cardio-blasting dance moves and intervals of strength training. Her devotees include Hilary Duff, Karlie Kloss, Kelly Ripa, and many more.

It's not just workouts that keep celebrities healthy. Many love the 80/20 diet to keep them eating well without missing out on their favorite foods. And if you're looking for a star-approved way to upgrade your post-workout regimen, bite-massages are all the rage (seriously).

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