The Summer Updo That Has Jessica Biel, Bella Hadid, and J. Lo’s Stamp of Approval

In the stifling summer months, you'd be hard-pressed to find a long-haired lady who enjoys wearing her hair down—the heat creates a steamy situation, which winds up creating a *ton* of sweat at the nape of the neck. And that excess moisture can basically ruin any sleek style, undoing hours of zhuzhing in mere minutes (anyone who's waited on a subway platform or walked a block to their car mid-heat wave knows what I'm talking about). Because let's be honest: When it's this hot out, you undoubtedly want nothing getting in the way of a cool breeze.

Well, celebrities (likely with the help of their trusty stylists) know exactly how to navigate this hair stumper: Many A-listers the likes of Jessica Biel, Kim Kardashian, J. Lo, Ariana Grande, and Bella Hadid have been sporting ultra-high, slicked-back ponies, leaving just a bit of hair down for a modern—and weather-appropriate—upgrade on the half-updo.

We love it for all of its practicalities. Because the look is raked back so tightly, it works with your sweat, disguising any signs of wetness as hair gel that's helping lock your 'do into place. It actually helps your hair to look longer. When you throw both the ponytail and the free-flowing lengths over one shoulder a là Biel, it creates an optical illusion that gives your hair an added few inches. It's also a pretty on-point way to show off those on-trend statement earrings. And the best part (besides being so easy to copy)? It results in the perfect opportunity to let your highlighter really shine. Done and done—the perfect summer style.

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