8 Healthy Vacation Destinations Celebs Swear By

Make like Chrissy Teigen, Gisele Bündchen, Lupita Nyong'o, and more—blockbuster budget not required.

When it comes time to actually use your precious vacation days, decision paralysis can get real. City or beachCarry-on or checked bags? And are leggings still appropriate plane attire, or nah?

One solution to out-of-office overwhelm: Score some inspiration from your favorite celebrity. Okay, so maybe private jets and VIP suites aren't always within reach for someone without an Oscar to her name. But if you think about it, Hollywood types can go anywhere in the world—so you know the destinations they keep coming back to are going to be worth it, even if you're heading there on a budget.

And as more stars catch on to meditation, yoga, and crystals, it's likely that their escapes are going to be pretty well aligned with the average healthy gal's travel bucket list.

I did some internet sleuthing to learn how the other half travels—where they go, what they pack, what they eat, and how they keep their wellness habits from going off the rails when they're out of town. Surprisingly, many of their picks are totally accessible, even for those who don't have a blockbuster bank account.

Scroll down for genius vacation inspiration from healthy celebs like Chrissy Teigen, Lupita Nyong'o, Gisele Bündchen, and more.

Photos: Instagram/@heidiklum; Collage: Abby Maker

Heidi Klum: Turks and Caicos

The destination: The model and entrepreneur recently brought her brood to this Caribbean island chain for a few days of seaside R&R.

Equipment-free workout: Who needs hand weights? Klum snuck in some arm sculpting while reeling in fish—seriously, your muscles will be burning after getting a few big ones on your line.

Snack time: For an afternoon pick-me-up, Klum kept it simple with a bottle of sparkling water, green and purple grapes, and cut-up watermelon.

Moment of Zen: During this particular trip, Klum preferred to lounge on the sand while her kids enjoyed the waves. And that's totally understandable—even just a few minutes of #mommytime can make a world of difference in the stress department.

Photos: Instagram/@drewbarrymore; Collage: Abby Maker

Drew Barrymore: Tulum, Mexico

The destination: The beauty boss spent her latest birthday in Tulum—an oasis known for its archeological ruins and stunning beaches.

Mocktail hour: Barrymore and her squad cozied up at a beachy restaurant where she sipped on coconut water fresh from the shell. (Um, goals!)

What to pack: That south-of-the-border sun can get pretty intense, so be sure to pack a wide-brimmed hat like the one Barrymore wears in many of her outdoor selfies.

Moment of Zen: The rainbow Barrymore found on her last day in Tulum sums up the mood of the town and her trip as a whole: Pure magic.

Photos: Instagram/@evalongoria; Collage: Abby Maker

Eva Longoria: San Sebastián, Spain

The destination: It may not be Spain's best-known city, but it's easy to see why Longoria loves this northern gem—with beaches, mountains, and a thriving food scene, it's basically a wellness junkie's paradise.

What to pack: The actress rocked tons of activewear (including super-flattering leggings) while exploring cathedrals and hiking through the lush forest.

Snack time: Longoria set aside her activated charcoal juice in favor of tapas, fluffy bread, and beer. Hey, it's all about balance, right?

Moment of Zen: When she wasn't logging major step counts in the wilderness, the star took in all the impressive art that San Sebastián has to offer.

Photos: Instagram/@lupitanyongo; Collage: Abby Maker

Lupita Nyong'o: Bali, Indonesia

The destination: The Academy Award winner documented her stay at The Mulia Resort and Villas in a series of Instagram posts captioned, "Restoration," "Revitalization," "Serenity," and "Refreshment." I mean, when you're somewhere this epic, few words are necessary.

Equipment-free workout: Bali's best known for its yoga scene, but Nyong'o chose instead to swim in the resort's pool. Judging by the blissed-out look on her face, it was a solid decision.

What to pack: The actress' travel snaps indicate that you'll be spending a lot of time in swimsuits, so be sure to bring a few extras. (The more colorful, the better.)

Moment of Zen: Nyong'o explored the ultra-green tropical island with her bestie, proving that self-care doesn't have to be a solo effort.

Photos: Instagram/@gisele; Collage: Abby Maker

Gisele Bündchen: The Amazon, Brazil, and Mexico

The destination: With and without her health-obsessed husband, the Brazilian-born supermodel travels a ton, spending much of her time in Mexico and Central and South America.

Moment of Zen: Bündchen soaked up the good vibes while meditating among ancient ruins in Mexico City—and then took a lotus-pose portrait for social media, natch.

Equipment-free workout: A horseback ride on the beach, like the one Bündchen did with her kids, is both a great bonding experience and a lower-body burnfest. Win, win!

Snack time: According to the Brady-Bündchen clan's personal chef, their vacation eating plan is all about "big, colorful salads and lots of fresh veggies." Luckily, farmer's markets are universal.

Instagram/@chrissyteigen; Collage: Abby Maker

Chrissy Teigen: Marrakesh, Morocco

The destination: Teigen and husband John Legend brought baby Lulu along on their recent trip to Marrakesh, arguably Morocco's most cosmopolitan city.

Snack time: Teigen made a pit stop at one of Marrakesh's infamous markets, taking in the thousands of dates and nuts on offer. (The stall, pictured above, is basically one big, deconstructed energy bar.)

Equipment-free workout: There's no need to find a Pilates class when you're spending the day balancing on the back of a camel, as Teigen demonstrated in one photo.

What to pack: Don't forget to bring a big, lightweight scarf like Teigen's to help shield you from the desert sun.

Photos: Instagram/@barrefaeli; Collage: Abby Maker

Bar Refaeli: The Maldives

The destination: This remote group of islands in the Indian Ocean is about as chill as it gets—at least, if the supermodel's recent vacation pics are to be believed.

Equipment-free workout: Sometimes, spoiling yourself means waking up early to move. In Refaeli's case, that might mean going for an assuredly calf-burning run. (Doing it on sand basically equals turning the treadmill incline up to 15.)

What to pack: The mom-to-be is a fan of Nike's Power Cool Running Crops, which have knit mesh sides perfect for tropical temps.

Moment of Zen: A devout vegetarian, Refaeli probably didn't partake in the island's fresh seafood. But she did commune with marine life by floating in the the ocean—the ultimate jet lag cure, according to some.

Photos: Instagram/@reesewitherspoon; Collage: Abby Maker

Reese Witherspoon: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The destination: Witherspoon really loves Cabo. She's traveled there many times over the past few years for romantic weekends with her husband, girls' trips, and family getaways.

What to pack: When in Mexico, the actress and entrepreneur basically lives in sun-protective straw hats and shades—and judging by her complexion, sunscreen must also play a starring role in her beach bag.

Equipment-free workout: If Witherspoon wanted to, she could have turned her swing photo op into a sweat sesh. (Everyone's favorite piece of playground equipment can actually give you a full-body workout.)

Moment of Zen: Apparently, all Witherspoon needs to get that "I just meditated" look is a beach, a sunset, and her kids.

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