7 Celeb-Tested Workouts That Got Us Seriously Sweating This Year

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You might spot famous folks like Michelle Obama and Beyoncé at SoulCycle, and you can dupe a star-sanctioned workout by hitting a number of beloved (boxing-heavy) studios. But this past year, it became clear that celebrity trainers are the *real* gatekeepers to some of the best workout tips and routines around.

Celebs tend to be short on time (aren't we all), so these fitness pointers slant toward the winning combination of efficient, effective, and easy-to-DIY. Here are some of the best we tried this year, from some of the most familiar faces in Tinseltown.

Get your sweat on with these 7 celebrity workouts.

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1. Sofia Vergara's super-sculpting workout

The Modern Family actress hasn't been shy about her, shall we say, lack of enthusiasm for working out (she calls it "necessary torture"), but she does put in the hard work. Jennifer Yates, her trainer for three years, says Vergara's routine involves Pilates and Yates's Seat of Power sculpting sessions, which target the lower body's lean muscle mass.

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2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg's notoriously rigorous workout

The Supreme Court Justice—the second woman appointed to the prestigious bench—is an obvious contender for Chief #BossBabe, especially considering the 84-year-old's inspiring workout regimen. It's so intense, there's even a book about it! Bryant Johnson, Ginsburg's personal trainer of 10 years, has the Notorious RBG on a twice-a-week routine including planks, push-ups, and cardio.

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3. Karlie Kloss' no-equipment workout

Before the this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Karlie Kloss flew in Dara Hart, a trainer at the DogPound, a beloved-by-VS-models gym with boxing classes, to get in one last workout before the big show. Kloss shared a YouTube video of the sesh, which can be done pretty much anywhere, anytime using nothing but body weight.

Emma Stone worked out for Battle of the Sexes.
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4. Emma Stone's Billie Jean King prep

To get in shape to play the tennis legend in Battle of the Sexes, Emma Stone packed on 15 pounds of pure muscle. Her schedule for beefing up involved heavy lifting and occasional twice-a-day workouts.

Drake workouts
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5. Drake's burpees for days

Running through the six with your woes sounds pretty tiring, which is probably why Drake's trainer and choreographer are seemingly hell-bent on the singer doing burpees. They not only say burpees are the exercise you should be doing every day, but that the "Hotline Bling" singer can do 100 in a row. Damn.

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6. Adriana Lima's pre-runway toning workout

Models love boxing to the extent that the sport seems like an unofficial prerequisite to becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel. Among the most dedicated to the fitness routine is Adriana Lima, who has been training with a former boxer at Aerospace for 10 years.

The workout Scarlett Johansson relies on
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7. Scarlett Johansson's speedy full-body workout

Working with celebrity trainer Don Saladino (who has also trained Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling), the actress takes an in-and-out approach to exercise. Saladino's routine of body-weight and barbell exercises get Johansson out of the gym in less 30 minutes.

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