4 Celebs Who Are Serious Believers in the Healing Power of Crystals

Photo: Instagram/@bellahadid

The surest sign that a fringe fad is going mainstream is when celebrities start to embrace it, and whaddya know, celebs have been all over woo-woo wellness lately.

They're especially into the energy-cleansing power of crystals, which have become so popular you can find them at your favorite clothing store, not just at the crystal shop. Gemstones are infiltrating everything from crystal-infused beauty products to pantyhose, and celebs are totally embracing the trend.

See what these 4 celebrities love about their crystals.


Bella Hadid

This jet-setting model has an impressive collection of gemstones—and she knows how to handle them, too. Before she left for a trip to Dubai in April, she set a few of her favorites, including an amethyst, a selenite wand, and blue celestites, to charge under a full moon.


Miranda Kerr

Considering the model and beauty entrepreneur's dedication to wellness staples like apple cider vinegar and noni fruit juice, it's no surprise that she's also a firm believer in the healing power of crystals. "I always carry a rose quartz in my bag," Kerr says. She also holds a rose quartz wand while meditating and sleeps with a crystal under her pillow. "It's such a gentle stone that can really help heal and protect your heart."

jennifer aniston taryn toomey
Photo: YouTube

Jennifer Aniston

The actress literally wears her love for crystals around her neck. Her gem-forward accessory of choice? A $1,600 peach moonstone necklace from fitness sensation (and Lululemon collaborator) Taryn Toomey.


Khloe Kardashian

The Kardashians are known for touting the beauty products they love, and earlier this year, Khloe revealed that she uses a tourmaline roller for her face. "I call this my 'magic wand of beauty,'" she wrote on her website, adding that the tourmaline helps tighten muscles and improve circulation. As convincing as she was with her pitch, though, the product might not do all that Khloé promises. Turns out crystals don't fix everything.

If you're just starting out in the crystal world, check out this primer on 7 healing crystals and how to use them. Ready to get more advanced? Here's everything you need to know about cleaning your crystals.

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