This Is the Self-Care Gift I Want to Buy Everyone in My Life This Year, Because What a Year

Photo: Ceremonia
It's been a time. Personally, one of the few things that saved me this year was creating routines for myself—a true act of self care. This included making sure I got a full lunch (and sitting down to it, away from a computer), reading some words (again, away from a screen) at night, and really leaning into my skin and hair care routines (who's with me?). And one of the hair-care brands that I came to love this year is Latinx-founded Ceremonia.

From the hair oil to the guava leave-in conditioner (my favorite!), the products don't seem to miss and are all centered around Latinx beauty routines and ingredients. Not to mention, the scents are A+, which is very important to me. So when I saw their newest bundle—the Ceremonia Self-Care Kit—I was immediately ready to gift them to my friends and family after such a trying year. Sure, I wanted to gush about the products and introduce them to their lives, but I also (and more importantly) wanted to give them the incentive to take some much needed feel-good time that they maybe weren't going to carve out for themselves.

Ceremonia's self care kit features their famous Aceite de Moska, the scalp oil that started it all, formulated with all the good things (like aloe vera to soothe and promote hair growth, along with a slew of naturally derived oils for shine and protection), a scalp massager, a spa headband for easy skin care application, and their newly-formulated candle. As a devotee of the oil and scalp massager, I can attest that it'll change your recipient's life, and help make their hair look great (plus, who doesn't want a head massage in the shower or bath?).

It's on sale now for $12 off, so grab it and gift it (or gift yourself—hey, it's literally called self care).

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