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Feeling Out of Sorts? Here’s How to Balance Your Blocked Chakras


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If knowledge about the chakras were taught in a classroom setting, lesson one would likely be a breakdown of the seven main energy centers and their meanings. By the end of this lesson, you’d be able to differentiate your root from your sacral chakra and your third eye from your crown chakra, no problem.

Then, in lesson two, things would get a bit more advanced and you’d dive into learning about chakra balancing, which spiritual coach and founder of Chakra Girl Co. Amber-Lee Lyons defines as “an energy alignment method that releases physical and emotional blockages.”

Why is chakra balancing important? It impacts all areas of your life. “Chakras are both transmitters and receptors, meaning the frequency at which you emit energy will match the frequency of what you receive in your life,” Lyons says. “When they are balanced, they are operating at the highest frequency and will attract people, abundance, and opportunities that you have labeled as high frequency.”

On the flip side, if your chakras are not flowing, sound healer and Reiki Master Susy Schieffelin of The Copper Vessel says the imbalance can show up as physical, emotional, or spiritual symptoms that even affect circumstances outside of yourself.

Signs to look out for include any negative patterns, recurring issues in your life, or ailments. Often times they are localized to the particular chakra where you have an imbalance. For example, you might get a sore throat or have problems communicating if your throat chakra is out of balance. In short, “anything that takes us away from the life we desire is a chakra block,” Lyons says. Ready to balance your chakras? Keep reading for tips from the experts.

How to balance your chakras

1. Practice visualization

One easy way to unblock your chakras and manifest your ideal reality is by visualizing the person you want to be and what you want your life to look like. “You want to get specific in your visualization and notice things about this ‘future-self,’ like your facial expressions, your posture, how you feel, dress, and act,” Lyons says. “As you visualize this version of you, it starts to create an emotional response which changes the vibration of your chakras to match the vibration of your future self, thus manifesting that reality into the physical world.”

2. Bring balance to all areas of your life

If your life feels out of whack, so will your chakras. That’s why Lyons suggests examining your energetic patterns in different areas of life such as eating, relationships, and money. Once you’ve pinpointed what areas need some stability, make small adjustments to bring those areas more into balance.

3. Adopt a daily practice

Getting your chakras spinning harmoniously is not a one and done. It requires a daily commitment to keep them in check. To do this, Lyons recommends committing to a daily ritual that includes practices that benefit your mind, body, and soul. It doesn’t have to take up too much time either. Even just a few minutes of visualization, journaling, stretching, or meditation will make you (and your chakras) feel more grounded.

4. Check in with your chakras

Another thing Lyons recommends incorporating into your daily chakra balancing ritual: a chakra diagnostic, if you will. To do this, get into a relaxed state and take a few deep breaths. As you do this, analyze what areas of your body where perhaps the breath isn’t flowing. This will tell you which chakra might need some extra love. For example, if you find that it’s hard to get the breath past your throat, that might signal that your throat chakra is blocked.

5. Try sound healing

Instead of a regular bath (although those are probably good for your chakras, too), opt for a sound bath. “Different sound frequencies correlate with each chakra,” Schieffelin says. “The vibrations from these sounds can help clear energy blockages and support a healthy energy flow within your chakras.” Find a local sound healer or treat yourself to a gong or a singing bowl and give it a try.

6. Practice chakra-balancing chants

No gong? No problem. You can practice chants and use sound in that way to open up the energy flow in your body. “Chanting is like sound healing from the inside,” Schieffelin says. “The vibrations of your voice work to clear blockages throughout all of your energy centers.” She suggests finding a yoga class that incorporates chants or just doing a quick Google search for chants that support the chakras.

7. Meditate with crystals

Even if you’re a total newbie to chakra balancing, chances are you already know that crystals and chakras go together like crunchy almond butter and organic jelly. One way to tap into the power of crystals to help level out the chakras is to meditate with them.

Choose a crystal that corresponds with the chakra you want to work with. Schieffelin recommends amethyst, for example, if you want to activate your third eye chakra and connect with your intuition. Or, citrine for the solar plexus chakra and tapping into your personal power.

8. Do a chakra color meditation

Each chakra is associated with a certain color. The root chakra is red. The sacral chakra is orange, and the solar plexus is yellow, for example. So another way to balance a blocked chakra is by meditating on each chakra and imagining its color radiating from its center. “I like to start from the bottom of my spine, at the root chakra, and slowly move up through each energy center picturing its color emanating from my body,” Schieffelin says.

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