An Ultra-Challenging Barre Workout That’ll Really Have You Feeling the Burn

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Nothing about ballet is easy. And though we can't all possess the poise and strength of Misty Copeland, we can tap into our inner ballerina through barre workouts. In this episode of Trainer of the Month Club taught by professional dancer and trainer Sydney Lotuaco, you'll get a workout so good you'll wonder how you got so much done in just 20 minutes without any equipment.

What makes barre workouts so hard is the repetition which focus on building muscular endurance and strengthening your stabilizing muscles. At a glance, the moves may not look too challenging. But all of those teeny tiny movements add up, leaving you with a serious burn. Many of the exercises also take you through a big range of motion, allowing your muscles to get stronger and increase your mobility. Plus, it's low impact and can fit into your fitness regimen no matter your age. "Great work out!" commented one of the video viewers on the Well+Good YouTube channel. "Really challenging, but I love a good challenge. I'm soon to be 60 and not a dancer, and this [workout] was totally doable for a non-dancer."

During this challenging barre workout, you'll start with a quick warm-up before heading into a full-body burnout session, working your right leg through seven straight minutes of lunge and leg lift variations. Then you'll do a bit of tricep and core work before starting from the top and performing all the lower-body moves on your left side. "It’s full-body—we're going to use every muscle today," says Lotuaco.

As you work, keep in mind that while you wanna go hard, you don't want to sacrifice form and safety. Lotuaco teaches moves that build upon each other, so if the next level up feels out of reach, feel free to stay where you're at.

Ready to give it a go? Watch the full video below:

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