This Well+Good Beauty Editor Tried Being a Facialist for a Day—Here’s What Happened 

Are you ever sitting at your desk wishing you could step into a different life—even if you're super content with what you're doing—just to see what it feels like?

Same—whether it's fantasizing about being a barista who can create a face in your morning latte, a fitness instructor who can somehow talk and squat at the same time, or, in Well+Good beauty editor Rachel Lapidos's case, a facialist who delivers glowing skin on demand.

Instead of reporting on the latest happenings in the beauty realm and interviewing top estheticians, Lapidos stepped into their (literal) world for a day at Heyday. "Usually I’m writing and researching all day at my desk," she says. "Learning how to be an actual facialist was a dream come true—I think I’m a natural."

The biggest takeaway? What you can gain from switching up your daily routine and adding some fun to it. So during the 50-minute facial Lapidos performed, she made room for moments of joy like a snack break with Smartfood® Smart50™—air-popped, 100 percent whole grain popcorn at 50 calories per cup or less, with new flavors that always hit the spot (white cheddar and sea salt, duh). Because trying new things, even careers, should be fun.

Watch the video above to see how Lapidos changed jobs for a day—and what she learned from her experience.

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