What You Were Like As a Kid, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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As a child and a young adult, you make choices that facilitate you growing into the person you ultimately become. Character traits for kids vary, but by honing in on your specific strengths, leaning into what comes naturally to you, learning constantly, and wading out into unfamiliar territories to push yourself, you end up becoming who you're meant to be.

According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, depending on your current, adult personality, you were likely a specific way when you were younger, with key strengths that came naturally to you as you were developing preferences for new ways of self-expression. Do you remember what you were like as a child? Well, knowing your Myers-Briggs personality can help spark those memories and provide a roadmap for how you got from then to now. (Don’t know what your MBTI is? Read this first!)

Check out how character traits for kids relate to your adult Myers-Briggs personality.

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A quiet, serious child, you were also generally very happy. You always followed the rules, liked to read a lot, and probably had a few close friends but got along with everyone. Teachers loved you for being a model student.


You were social and warm as a child and probably easily infiltrated the popular crowd. That said, you were genuinely liked by all and friendly to everyone. You worked hard in school, even if just to please your parents or set yourself up for a bright future.


As an old soul in a young being, you were quiet, but assertive and diligent. You were a good student and a reliable friend, but probably kept a fairly tight circle. You were close to your family, and perhaps more spiritual and soft-hearted than many knew.


A bossy child and a doer, there's a good chance you ran for (and probably won) class office, were captain of an athletic team, or took charge in all group projects. You were the type to never settle for less than a straight-A report card, and studied until you got it. You were also the first to raise your hand in class.

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You were the wild child who loved to socialize and explore new things. If you sat still for too long, you’d just get antsy and bored. You weren’t a bookworm, and you learned better through doing rather than reading or listening to lectures. While you were a great hands-on student, you had many hobbies you loved more than school.


You were an observant child and expressed yourself through nonverbal mediums like writing songs, painting, making clay models, or dancing. You were highly sensitive but rarely showed it in ways beyond your kind empathy for others. Whether by showing up and listening to a friend’s problems or helping them practice for the school play, you liked to help however you could.


As the quintessential cool kid (and probably skilled athlete), you had wonderful comedic timing and could make your whole class laugh with a joke or a funny one-liner. In addition to being in the front in a very physical way, you were also a smart thinker who loved breaking things apart—whether a car or a math problem—and putting them back together.


Even though you didn't necessarily try to be, you were the quiet rebel who flew under the radar and did things your own way—which was rarely the conventional way. Highly analytical, you were a naturally gifted student in math and science.

Myers-Briggs personality types for love, dating


One part class clown, one part brainy student, you usually did well in school while also entertaining your classmates with your unique fearlessness. You were an amazing listener and played therapist to you friends as often as you socialized. When you'd get into a little bit of trouble, it was usually for good reason (like standing up to a bully).


Your passionate heart was the defining factor of your childhood. You were a romantic, soaking up rom-coms and old classic novels while dreaming of falling in love. You were diligent in school when you wanted to be but had a hard time caring about “meaningless” things (like that algebra you were sure you'd never need to use). You were an advocate and activist from a young age, whether it was for LGBTQ+ rights or the environment, and you always marched to the beat of your own drum.


A type-A go-getter from the time you were young, you embraced being the center of attention. The spotlight followed you, whether you were landing perfect grades or starring in the school play. You were charming and fun to be around, and you treated close friends and new classmates alike with the same kindness.


A quiet kid who relished time on your own, you read constantly and studied because you loved it—not because you had to. You had a couple close friends, but you had a hard time trusting others enough to open up. But when you did, you turned into the most loyal, insightful friend.

Myers-Briggs personality types for love, dating


You were the shy, somewhat reclusive thinker who always saw the bigger picture. You did exactly what you needed in order to get perfect grades, but no more and spent the rest of your time reading or researching whatever you wanted. You didn’t care for rules or normal social conventions; sometimes you hung out with your friends, but most times you didn’t. You were an enigma to most.


From a young age, you were very direct and questioning of the world. You didn’t trust easily, or accept truth as fact just because a parent or a teacher said so. You were always considering “why” things were and “how” they happened, whether it was a science experiment or a historical event. You were very bright, but often a daydreamer.


You were a flirt and loved to be noticed. You were also seen as a super-smart "nerd," even if you didn't get perfect grades. You loved having alone time to think, read, and chase ideas, though you’d get tired of being alone after a while. You had many friends, even if you felt truly “known” by a select few.


You were known as both smart and charismatic in school, and that was your priority ahead of socializing. You were a great communicator, even at a very young age; you knew exactly what to write or say to get your point across. You were a natural romantically, and probably a serial monogamist as you got a little bit older.

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