All About the Taurus Zodiac Sign: Dates, Personality Traits, and Compatibilities of the Grounded Sign

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Is it just us, or are all Taurus folks… kinda hot?! Blame it on their too-cool-for-drama composure or their natural sensuality, the allure of both Taureans (that is, people born between April 20 and May 20) and the Taurus characteristics that are imbued within them is absolutely undeniable.

According to astrology, we aren’t imagining things: Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, hence the sex appeal. And while they are indeed stubborn (as their symbol, the bull, aptly suggests), their resistance to change is also innate. “A lot of other astrologers think Taurus is the most stubborn sign on the entire zodiac, but it's not just an opinion,” says astrologer Narayana Montúfar, author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power. “It’s because Taurus is the only fixed earth sign.”

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In case you didn’t already know, fixed signs are those that stabilize and consolidate the energy of each season—hence why Taurus’ grounded earth energy is so potent. Just a few celebrity Taureans that best capture the bull’s vibe—stubborn edge and all—include Tina Fey, Adele, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Lizzo, Billy Joel, Stephen Colbert, and Cher.

Whether you’re a Taurus yourself or just happen to love someone who is, brush up your knowledge below with this expert-led primer on all the characteristics of a Taurus, from personality traits and compatibility to ideal careers and more.

Taurus Dates

People born between April 20 and May 20 have their sun sign in Taurus. These dates mark the period when the sun traverses through the Taurus constellation, typically with a margin of a day or two in either direction each year.

However, it's important to note that being a Taurus doesn't necessarily mean you exclusively embody Taurean traits, or only resonate with Taurus characteristics. The cosmos acknowledges the complexity of an individual’s identity, as reflected in their astrological birth chart. These natal charts consider the positions of *all* celestial bodies at your birth—not just the sun. Even if you have a Taurus sun sign, your moon or Venus placements in other signs could significantly influence your personality. Similarly, your sun might belong to a different sign, yet having your moon in Taurus could make you strongly relate to the traits of the bull.

That being said, if any of your "big three" signs—that is, your sun, moon, or rising sign—are in the sign, you'll likely resonate with at least a few Taurus characteristics.

Taurus Personality Traits

If you’re looking for a companion to imbibe in life’s simple pleasures with, look no further than Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac. Of the 12 astrological houses, Taurus rules the second house of finances, personal possessions, and emotions, which means they wrote the rulebook on self-care through indulgence: Chocolate, bougie handbags, spa days, and craft drinks are all on the menu when you’re hanging with a Taurus.

"Every sign is governed by a planet, and Taurus is Venus's child, so it's no surprise that they are sensual, tactile, and sensory-oriented beings,” adds astrologer Courtney O'Reilly of  Vibrant Soul Astrology and author of Zodiac Signs: Taurus. “Taurus is also a fixed sign, so people born with the sun in the sign of Taurus are quite steadfast and reliable."

To sum it up, here are the key Taurus personality traits:

  • Stable and practical
  • Stubborn
  • Patient and dedicated
  • Nurturing
  • Sensual
  • Reliable and responsible
  • Appreciates material possessions
  • Loyal

What are Taurus strengths?

Equipped with a headstrong determination, Taureans are able to accomplish anything they set their bull horns to. “Taurus is patient,” says Montúfar, “and it knows how to wait for the good things to come. These are the people that are really good at showing up every day to build something meaningful.”

"[Taurus] is super creative, affable, calm, consistent, and persevering—they’re some of the most thorough people you'll ever meet." —Courtney O'Reilly, astrologer

Slow and steady is their game, and they wouldn’t have it any other way: They're a methodical group that takes their pride in doing something right the first time, no matter how long it takes. "They're also super creative, affable, calm, consistent, and persevering—they’re some of the most thorough people you'll ever meet," says O'Reilly.

What are Taurus weaknesses?

The flip side of their determination is that Taurus can be aggressively immovable and stubborn, says Montúfar. “They’re not good with change,” she says, adding that even the smallest of surprising obstacles can be difficult for them to overcome. This rejection of change can also make their lives stagnant. If they aren’t pushed or inspired to do new things, Taurus very well get stuck in bad habits that don’t serve them well.

Too, Taurus hates vagueness and lack of clarity. “Taurus likes to know where they stand,” says Montúfar. Unfortunately for the bull, the world isn’t always so black-and-white: Some areas, like romantic relationships, work dynamics, or future plans can be grey, a massive frustration for the sign.

Taurus Likes and Dislikes

What makes a Taurus happy?

While it’s true that Taurus loves their creature comforts and enjoys spending time at home, they feel their best when they’ve had plenty of outdoor time. “Taurus is the sign traditionally linked with the middle of spring, when the Earth is in full bloom and lush, and so for Taurus, getting out in nature is important,” says O’Reilly.

Taureans also love things—and beautiful things at that. “Since Taurus' senses are so finely tuned, they adore beautifully prepared food, fine wine, and also bodywork—regular bookings for massage, reiki, or a facial are deeply nourishing,” O'Reilly says. And all of these things cost money, so to fuel that long-term happiness, a Taurus needs money. "Their ruling planet, Venus, is a financial planet, so establishing a nest egg and being on top of finances offers Taurus peace of mind," she adds.

What annoys a Taurus?

Despite the naturally tempestuous nature of a Taurus, O’Reilly insists that getting along with a Taurus isn’t very difficult: “Taureans are easygoing by nature and are quite affable, thanks to Venus—planet of love, affection, and friendship—being their ruling planet," she says.

Still, they’re not totally immune to annoyances, and just like every other sign in the zodiac, there are certain things that turn them off. Montúfar says that Taurus dislikes being challenged, especially in regards to routines, values, or beliefs that they’ve held onto for years on end. Similarly, “they don't like to be rushed,” says Montúfar. Yes, the bull tends to move at a glacial pace, but that’s because they’re strategic about their next moves; any attempts by others to quicken their pace will likely set them off.

Montúfar says that “they don’t do well with loud people,” and that people who talk really fast or with an overly obnoxious or condescending tone should expect a cold shoulder from the sign.

Taurus Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

While some pairings may take a little more effort, Taurus compatibility is complex, and in theory, Taurus can find companionship withanyone on the wheel. Like many astrologers, O’Reilly is big on the belief that, technically, any two signs can be compatible. It’s not just unfair to assume that two people can’t get along because of their sun signs—in most cases, it’s also untrue.

If you recall the structure of birth charts, you’ll remember that each aspect of one’s chart will determine a separate area of their identity. This is why it’s unwise to write off potential friends or romantic partners on their sun signs alone; most people identify with only a few characteristics of their sun’s ruler, and even then, their sun sign only captures a small piece of who they are.

That being said, there are certain signs that Taurus is naturally inclined to get along with, as well as certain signs that look more like a waving red flag in the eyes of the bull.

Which zodiac signs are Taurus most compatible with?

According to Montúfar Taurus naturally gels with Virgo and Capricorn, since they're both fellow earth signs. Both Virgo and Capricorn naturally understand why practicality and staying grounded can yield a sense of fulfillment for Taurus, and they also appreciate the value of hardwork and why structure is important.

Aside from Virgo and Capricorn, Taurus also tends to thrive when paired with water signs. "The elements of Earth and water together are fertile—flowers grow,” says O’Reilly. “Similarly, air and fire adore one another as air makes fire bigger and burn brighter." To that end, Taurus may be drawn to water sign Pisces, an empathetic sage who will empathize with your more tender side, or Cancer, a happy homebody who will likely nurture and cook for them.

Which zodiac signs are Taurus least compatible with?

Fire and air signs will have a tougher time getting along with Taurus, says Montúfar. Fire signs Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius tend to come off as unwieldy and obnoxious to Taurus, while the eccentricities and destabilizing energy of air signs Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini come off as combative and contrarian, directly clashing with the bull’s approach to life.

Taurus in Love, Relationships, and Sex

If there’s one sign that appreciates the build-up of a lengthy Harlequin romance novel, it’s Taurus. Aligned with the symbolism of their ruling planet, Venus, Taurus values stability and tradition in love. They see love as a commitment that requires responsibility and a solid foundation, which is why it takes them some time to fully open up to others sexually.

“It's a slow sign that you can't rush,” says Montúfar, who says that once you *do* get a chance to take them to bed, they like to take their time and savor every second. “They’re very sensual; they're not that lover that you can just rush into orgasm. They're going to make sure the lighting is perfect, and the music's on; they need to have the vibe set.”

This long-haul mentality applies to the way they approach committed romantic relationships. Taurus brings a strong level of dedication to their intimate connections, says Montúfar. Slow and strategic, Taurus won’t jump into any relationship without knowing that the other person is as dedicated to the union as they are. “They take a little while to establish a relationship because they want to make sure that things are going to work out, since they’re not good with change,” says Montúfar. “They crave security, more than many signs.”

Taurus in Work and Career

Taurus appreciates and values a hard day’s (nay, year’s) work. Diligent and persevere, the bull “is really good at saving money in the bank,” says Montúfar, adding that they understand that in order to indulge in their guilty pleasures, they’ve got to first rake in some dough.

While they have the aptitude to see *any* project through to its end, some careers play up Taurus’ strengths more than others, outlined below.

What are the best careers for Taurus?

Taurus can appreciate how much work it can take to build up personal wealth, which is why they’re especially well-suited for careers that involve handling money, says Montúfar. “They're a financial sign, and do well in banking, finance, and real estate," agrees O’Reilly. Montúfar adds that careers that involve working with the earth—like agriculture, or sustainability initiatives—are also great avenues for the sign, as they play into Taurus’ down-to-earth sensibility.

Too, “Taureans are creative, and so may pursue careers in entertainment, especially in performance; think dancer or vocalist," O’Reilly says, adding that Taurus rules the neck, throat, and vocal cords, so they often have lovely voices and are talented singers.

But if you're a Taurus who can only carry a tune in the shower, there are plenty of other professional arenas where you will thrive. "Their earthy, sensual nature also makes them a natural in the food industry, say as a chef, sommelier, chocolatier, or gourmet grocer," says O’Reilly. "Their heightened senses and affinity for beauty means they may also do well in the beauty and wellness realm: perfumer, masseuse, Reiki practitioner, or esthetician.”

What are the worst careers for Taurus?

As for careers they should steer (pun intended) clear from, Taurus would be better off avoiding fast-paced jobs that require adaptability, like airline piloting, emergency services, or tourism guides, says Montúfar. It’s not that Taurus can’t perform the tasks associated with each, but rather their nature is better suited for a career that’s reliable and highlights their best attributes, like their appreciation of beauty, their laid-back nature, and their stable presence.

To that note, Montúfar adds that they should avoid careers that “require them to get out of the routine.” Taurus takes comfort in knowing their day is structured to their liking, so careers that interrupt that flow could be especially stressful for them.

Taurus in Friendships

Taureans make loyal, stable friends, according to Montúfar, who likens Taurus to that childhood friend of yours that’s been there for you through thick and thin. “Taurus is a sign that has fewer, but more stable friendships,” she adds.

Just like in their romantic relationships, Taurus can take a while to warm up to others; that’s not because they’re closed off or aloof, suggests Montúfar, but rather they want to find companions that are in it for the long haul. “They don't want to be guessing what's gonna happen next,” explains Montúfar. “That's nerve-racking for them.” But once you’ve formed a friendship with a Taurus soul, you can expect that friendship to last for life.

To initially get in their good graces, lay off the communication games, and say what you mean—especially if you have compliments to offer. "Taurus is not the sign lacking common sense, so they appreciate clear, direct communication,” says O'Reilly. “They like to know where they stand, and they also thrive on acknowledgement for their effort. They want to be helpful, and so it warms their heart to know they're appreciated."

Taurus in Family Dynamics

Hard-working and pragmatic, Taurus takes great pride in their ability to provide for their family. Remember how naturally gifted they are with handling money? That’s because they understand the value of every dollar earned, as each one stands as a symbol of hard work, dedication, and love for their family.

Given their natural inclination towards leadership and practicality, Taurus individuals often excel in positions of authority within family dynamics. They’re organized, heavily involved with matters of the home, and have the tenacity to perfectly plan and execute goals for the entire family.

This makes sense, then, that Taurus individuals often hold strong bonds with their fathers and are usually dedicated to maintaining long-standing familial traditions, says Montúfar. This love of tradition is also seen within their dedication to uphold values and principles within each of their family relationships.

Advice for Taurus

The fixed-sign energy of Taurus makes it difficult for them to roll with the punches, to say the least. "Taurus is a security-oriented sign, and so they're not easily persuaded to change their course," says O’Reilly. When they do accept new ideas or shift gears, it's on their own terms, says O’Reilly. "Given the facts and the time to consider, they may come around, but only because it was their decision to do so in the end."

It’s for this reason that Taurus would benefit greatly from learning to trust the ideas, motives, and capabilities of other people. Doing this would also help prevent the hardworking bull from burning out under the weight of constant leadership and decision-making.

Similarly, another one of Taurus’ biggest challenges will be learning to break old habits, says says Montúfar. The bull doesn’t like change, even when that change is positive; they find security in things staying the same, but stagnancy is not a sign of a life well-lived. Taurus, then, would benefit from breaking out of their comfort zones, especially in regards to bad habits that keep them from growing.

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