This Is How to Drink Water During a Workout, According to a Trainer

Photo: Hannah Yamamoto
Have you ever been in the middle of a super-intense (read: sweaty) workout and felt the urge to down your entire bottle of water in one gulp? Same, girl. I feel you. That was basically me during the high-intensity training sessions led by instructor Charlee Atkins at the Well+Good Retreat in Palm Springs.

In between intervals of butt-sculpting, abs-toning moves in the desert air, I found myself eyeing the liter of Flow Water sitting at the edge of my mat and fighting the urge to chug—knowing that doing so would likely lead to cramps...or worse.

Fortunately, before I could unscrew the cap, Atkins shared her genius tips for drinking water during class: "Gulp water in the beginning because it helps to empty the stomach, and then while working out, you should be taking sips," she says. "Personally, every 15 minutes, I like to take a big gulp just to make sure that I'm hydrated all throughout the workout."

Usually, I'm guilty of drinking too much H2O while exercising. (Chalk it up to being a runner and not knowing when the next water fountain will magically appear.) So, when I tried the technique during a 90-minute Le Sweat class, I was pleasantly surprised that I never felt thirsty and didn't have one stomach pang. And hey, if it works in the driest of climates, here's to hoping it'll up my hydration game at the gym, too.

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