Charli D’Amelio and Dixie D’Amelio Share How They Self-Care—And Their Biggest Tip for Better Confidence

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Charli D'Amelio and Dixie D'Amelio are two of the biggest stars on social media. With millions upon millions of followers across platforms (they're the second and third top earners on TikTok, according to Forbes), all eyes are on these two. And, as you may have guessed, that can take a huge toll on one's mental health, which is why 18-year-old Charli and 20-year-old Dixie both make time for themselves.

Recently, I sat down with the two stars at the opening of their Social Tourist merch pop-up with Hollister, now open in Los Angeles, (you can shop my top picks from the edit below) to talk through their self-care routines and their biggest tip for a better mindset.

Well+Good: Self-care, as we all know, is super important to most everyone right now. How do you both unwind or focus on care?

Charli: For me, it's a lot of skin care, facial care. I wash my face and do my routine every morning. That keeps me awake. It helps my skin. That's something that I don't feel complete without doing, doesn't matter how late it is either. It's just something that is super fun for me and refreshing, and trying new things.

Dixie: I feel like mine is more in hair care. I bleached my hair like a year and a half ago, and it was the worst mistake ever. My hair's finally starting to get healthy, and...I have extensions in now, but before that, I washed it, and I guess there was too much hydration and moisture in it. And it started doing the things you do when you lose your hair. It was like, "Oh, my god." So, now I know to put more protein in it. It's just, I've had a hard hair journey, and I'm finally close to getting there.

Well+Good: Besides skin and hair routines, how do you like to spend your alone time? Is there anything you like to do to to calm your thoughts?

Charli: For me, I need to write out everything that I'm working on, and all the friends that I need to text or want hang out with. That way, I can see it visually. That way it kind of stresses me out a little bit less, because then it's just going through my mind. I feel like writing it all out helps me with understanding things, but I also journal on my own. I have, like, eight notebooks that I write in. They're a bit of a mess. I need to organize them.

Dixie: I feel like I do a lot of that with music—just getting all my feelings out. My Notes app is the weirdest thing, because a random thought I had at 3 a.m. can produce such a good song. [But it] helps to get my thoughts out.

Well+Good: Your life is pretty much broadcast all the time, and I'm sure that it does take some of a toll on how you think about yourself. I'd love to hear what you would give as advice to yourself or to other people who are either struggling with body image issues or just confidence.

Charli: Yeah, I think if you have the means to talk to a professional, I always think that's something super important. But I also think being honest with yourself. Writing things down helps me a lot because I like to visualize what I'm thinking, and then I can realize that some of my thoughts are [out of touch] and out of this world. When you think about yourself, you can be so harsh and cruel, but then, if someone else looked exactly like me, I'd say they were beautiful. Think as if it's a friend.

Dixie: I always am just like, "surround yourself with positivity." The more positivity you have around you, I feel like the better you feel. It all kind of is just what situations you put yourself in. And if you can control that, then do it. Be in a positive environment.

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