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This Celeb-Beloved Setting Spray Is the IRL Version of Zoom’s ‘Touch Up My Appearance’ Filter

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The first time I experienced the magic of Charlotte Tilbury's iconic Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray ($35), I was sitting in a bridesmaid's robe while my favorite local makeup artist spritzed my entire face with the stuff. When I grabbed the mirror to check out the final results, it was as if there was an IRL Zoom "touch up my appearance" filter on my skin—there wasn't a pore in sight—and it stayed that way through hours of pictures, dancing, and wedding cake.


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With these kinds of results, it's no wonder that this particular setting spray is so beloved. The formula is designed to soften the appearance of your pores—sort of like the "blur" tool on Photoshop—to make them all but disappear. “With active ingredients like Japanese green tea and aromatic resin, it really reduces the appearance of pores, and leaves an overall hydration and glow to the skin,” says Kandice Delgado, a beauty educator and makeup artist based in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, who calls the spray an "absolute must."

Because the spray's finish toes the line between dewy and matte (which is not an easy feat, by the way), it happens to be great on all skin types. “It’s my favorite for any skin type,” says Taylor Haupt, a bridal makeup artist based in San Diego. “Usually, you have to be careful with oily skin because some setting sprays can make it overly dewy — but the Charlotte Tilbury one gives a natural finish, and keeps your makeup in place all day.” Haupt is right — it really is great for oily skin as much as it is for dry skin (a rarity!). Although it’s quite hydrating, it’s oil-free, so you’ll have a lightweight finish regardless of your skin type.

Aside from helping to make your skin look instantly filtered, the setting spray is also A++ for locking your makeup into place for the long haul. One Sephora reviewer even said this stuff survived the dentist — “They were wiping my mouth and cheek with the water […] and when they were done my makeup was still intact.” Impressive, no? So if you’re worried about makeup transfer under a mask, to your sunglasses or glasses, or just hoping to get a nice seal on your face without feeling sticky or suffocated, do yourself a favor and grab one of these, stat.

As Charlotte Tilbury herself puts it, you can have a good makeup day every day. All you need to make it happen, it seems, is a bottle of this setting spray.

Curous about how to do your makeup for *actual* Zoom? Follow along with the tutorial below. 

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