The One Red Carpet Beauty Product Celebs Have in Common This Season

Photo: Instagram/@ctilburymakeup
There's a certain aura of glamour that surrounds celebrities as they strut in their gowns (or suits!) down the red carpet. Call it the handiwork of a well-staffed glam squad—or the effect of the one product that stars the likes of Salma Hayek, Mandy Moore, Susan Sarandon, and Greta Gerwig have in common. Either way: The effects are glowing.

As reported by People, their secret is the new hybrid concoction from makeup guru Charlotte Tilbury called Hollywood Flawless Filter ($44), which Tilbury says is the "ultimate high-gloss, high-glow celebrity skin filter in a bottle." In actual makeup terms, it's not exactly a foundation or an illuminator—rather, a cross between a primer, highlighter, and concealer that's mixed with foundation for added luminescence.

“This secret recipe has been used to give a filter to celebrities’ complexions on the red carpet for over 25 years, even before the camera tricks," says Tilbury, who's been keeping this product as a secret for quite a while. Since she formulated the booster, it's been used with Tilbury's foundation for Hayek at the BAFTA Awards and on Gerwig as a highlighter at the Golden Globes. "Now I want to share it with everyone,” she says. In other words: The world is your red carpet.

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