10 Pieces of Solid-Gold Jewelry That Are Fine AF and Under $100

Photo: Getty/ Georgie Hunter

We love a good deal as much as anyone. You know what else we care about? Finding treasures that'll last forever—not just for a season. In an effort to unearth these fashion gems, we've started a new series, Keeping it 100, which is focused on rounding up affordable luxury items like cashmere sweaters, that cost, you guessed it, $100 or less. 

This week, we're out to prove that you can go for the gold (when it comes to jewelry) without going broke. Cheap solid gold jewelry is fine AF and will last a lifetime if you take care of it.

And here's the thing: There are lots of lovely pieces on the market right now that you'll never want to take off—even to work out. Stack rings and statement studs abound—some are even inlaid with diamonds and precious stones or crystals. Plus, if you're willing to forgo fall's big chain trend in favor of more delicate options, you can even find bracelets, too.

Whether you're looking for yourself or someone special, scroll down to see 10 pieces of solid gold jewelry for under $100 we've been eyeing lately.

Even if you can work out in your jewelry, should you? Here's how to tell which pieces are totally fine to put through a sweat sesh and which you should take off.

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