Avocados Are Cheapest on *This* Day of the Week

Photo: Stocksy/Cloud Studio
Unfortunately, not everyone can score a job eating avocados for a living. Instead, most millennials have to game the system to ensure the covetable green fruit doesn't make them penniless. With avo prices shifting to-and-fro seemingly by the day, it can be hard to know when to stock up on your smashed-toast supplies for the week—but that challenge may be a thing of the past.

Ibotta, a money-saving app, looked at more than 65 million purchases made since 2012 and found the best days of the week to buy a handful of healthy finds—and the worst. So, instead of buying 'cados on Sundays, which the findings claimed to be the worst day, wait until Wednesday when they're 25 percent cheaper. Yep—25 percent.

Instead of buying avocados on Sundays, which is the worst day, wait until Wednesday when they're typically 25 percent cheaper.

As for other wellness goodies, coffee is 8 percent cheaper on Wednesday versus Sunday, quinoa is 15 percent cheaper on Thursday versus Monday, rosé is 9 percent cheaper on Thursday versus Monday, and kombucha is 16 percent cheaper on Wednesday versus Tuesday.

So you'll for sure save some money when it comes to buying the your healthy essentials…but it'll require hitting the grocery store nearly every day of the week to hack your haul. Hey—maybe you'll be able to buy a home with your savings.

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