The Best Time to Buy Your Plane Ticket Home for the Holidays Is…

Photo: Getty Images/Tang Ming Tung
It's hard to think about your holiday plans this early. Hannukah isn't for another month, Christmas is 53 days away, and you still have double that many tasks to get through on your to-do list before then. Waiting any longer to snag your plane ticket back home could be a mistake, though, because data shows the best time to book is, well, ASAP.

Skyscanner, a site that compiles the cheapest flights across airlines, recently went through travel data from previous years to uncover the cheapest time to buy holiday tickets. While October came out as the most affordable month to book both domestic and international flights with prices 4 and 3 percent less than average, respectively, you still have time to score deals even though November has officially hit. Up until the 19th of the month, domestic flights are still 3 percent below average.

 Up until November 19, domestic flights are still 3 percent below average. But once December arrives, the cost of flights increase to 5 percent above average. Yikes.

It might be hard to fork over the moolah on your travel already, but one thing's for sure: You'll seriously regret it if you don't. Once December arrives, the cost of flights increases to 5 percent above average. So not only will booking now save you from draining your bank account—but it'll also make your parents super happy when you tell them you already have plans to see them well before Thanksgiving. Best daughter ever or what?

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