Walmart Is Secretly the Foolproof Place to Buy Your Self-Care Staples for Under $15

Photo: Unsplash/Joshua Rawson
Although wellness and self-care have a well-deserved reputation for being pricey (looking at you, $200 leggings), in the past year, Walmart has made giant strides toward expanding its healthy offerings—many of which are less than $15.

It's stepped up its natural-beauty game and has even started to offer organic avocado toast at one Orlando location. The chain megastore now carries its own brand of maca powder ($7), omega-3 supplements ($15), alkaline water ($1/bottle), and more. You can also find cult-favorite products like Bragg's apple cider vinegar ($3/bottle) and B Tea Kombucha ($2/bottle).

Walmart sells more organic groceries than any other retailer in the United States.

Now that wellness has gone mainstream, it's by no means the only major retailer making moves to incorporate health and wellness products in to its repertoire: Target has launched a range of natural beauty products and kombucha, Amazon is offering its Prime members discounts on Whole Foods products, Costco has started selling gluten-free cauliflower pizza…the list goes on. Still, Walmart has some of the most affordable, wide-ranging wellness products on the market; in fact, it sells more organic groceries than any other retailer in the United States.

So the next time you need to restock your self-care caboodle, you may want to just make one stop at the giant box chain. With the addition of these wellness offerings, Walmart is beginning to look more and more like Whole Foods.

While you're stocking up on supplements, these are what you should take if you need to de-stress and what to take if you're battling inflammation.

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