Cheat Sheet: Smoothies

best_smoothiesSmoothies (and smoothie bowls) are excellent ways to replace the nutrients you may have lost during a workout—and to get more superfoods into your diet (via add-ins like macacamu camu, spirulina, and bee pollen).

We've pulled the top stories from our smoothie pantry for you to factor in when whipping up your next batch of blended fruit and veggies.

And for even more recipes and inspiration, check out the Well+Good smoothie archive here.

1. 5 tricks for making a perfect smoothie, every time
To get the right proportions (to make it more superfood and less sludge), try these foolproof tips from Miraval Resort & Spa's nutritionist.

2. The 5 healthiest protein powders
We compared more than 25 popular brands on the market (with a nutritionist’s help), and these clean, healthy protein powders topped our list.

3. Well+Good readers' 5 essential smoothie ingredients
The most popular go-to ingredients, from base to fruits and veggies to add-ins—plus a bunch more creative ideas in the comments section.

4. 35 healthy, gorgeous smoothie bowls that will change your mornings forever
The raw food chef and Philosophie founder keeps her fridge stocked for smoothies—with creative ingredients and superfoods you'll totally want to copy.

5. 5 healthy green smoothies that aren't actually green
Super easy—and colorful!—ways to get a taste of the green smoothie rainbow, with beets, berries, cacao, and more.

6. The one surprising ingredient designer Norma Kamali always puts in her smoothie
Hint: It's all about healthy fats.

7. The Surf Lodge's summer-licious Mango and Banana Smoothie Bowl 
Dream of the Montauk hotspot year-round with this recipe, which can be whipped up in minutes.

8. A spicy goji berry smoothie for detoxing
With cayenne pepper and turmeric, this smoothie is a great way to kick-start your metabolism, our expert says.

9. The glowing green smoothie that kick-starts Molly Sims' day
The actress dishes on the ingredients that power her through busy mornings—and her fave smoothie bowl combinations.

10. A very green St. Patrick's Day smoothie
No luck needed—this energizing elixir is a healthier way to get your "Erin go bragh" on.

So, smoothie for breakfast? Yes please! And for a clean lunch and dinner, This Rawsome Vegan Life has some great ideas

Originally published October 27, 2013; updated January 26, 2016. (Photo: Breakfast Criminals)

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