Cher’s Impressive Daily Routine Proves Planking Knows No Age

Photo: Facebook/Cher
There's no denying that Cher is a total legend—but not just for her hit songs and fearless fashion choices (and Oscar-winning acting chops, NBD). The musician just revealed one of her go-to exercises. (Hint: If you challenge her to a planking contest, she's got you, babe.)

The 71-year-old star has no reason to try and turn back time—her planking routine proves she's strong AF. In an interview with People, Cher admitted she wasn't always great at the core-strengthening pose, but now she can hold it for an impressively long window: "I started out with 30 seconds, and I thought I was gonna die. Now I do three to five minutes," she said.

Plank it until you make it has never been a truer sentiment.

"I started out with 30 seconds, and I thought I was gonna die. Now I do three to five minutes."

In addition to gifting fans some workout inspiration, Cher also offered her one fashion rule that anyone can benefit from—whether your style is more athleisure or red-carpet glam: "Be who you are."

When she and Sonny Bono first started out, she said their crazy costume choices might have made them stand out a little too much, but she doesn't regret that iconic sheer feathered jumpsuit or Cleopatra-inspired look for a second.

But would she plank in one of those avant-garde getups? That's a whole other story.

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