6 Chic Bookends That Will Inspire You to Organize Your Home Library

Photo: Stocksy/Lumina

PSA for the upcoming winter blues: Reading can make you happier (because: science). So, if that's not enough cause to run out to your hometown bookstore ahead of the upcoming winter staying-in season, then I don't know what is. But if you're anything like me and your eyes (and book list) are bigger than your apartment, when you get home, you might wonder what the heck to do with all of your newly acquired lit.

Here's the thing: Whether you have five titles or fifty, you can benefit from having a shelving solution (beyond simply knowing whether to organize your books by color or title, that is). Rather than over-stacking your coffee table—or worse, packing your beloved books into storage boxes—organizing your favorite copies can help you feel (almost) as relaxed settling in with one of your new reads.

According (again) to science, organization can help your cortisol levels to plummet. Yep, a study in the Personality and Psychology Bulletin found lower levels of the "stress hormone" in people who had less cluttered homes. It doesn't hurt of course, that those solutions come by way of beautiful, nature-inspired bookends that help you organize, de-stress, and obviously smarten up your space.

Keep reading for six polished bookends that will upgrade your reading experience.

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