9 New Water Bottles You’ll Want to Put Into Rotation ASAP

Photo: Soma Water

Think fast: What's the one thing you carry around with you most often, from the time you wake up until you step into your pre-bedtime candlelit bath? Aside from the obvious phone-keys-wallet combo, a water bottle probably ranks pretty high on that list. Chances are, you've probably lost and gained multiple over the years.

And every time you shop for a fresh one, there are new colors, new sizes, and new features available. The industry has come a long (long!) way, doing everything from cutting BPAs to delivering Instagram-worthy design. Not only can you get spa-water-infusion options now, but they can coordinate with your gym look, too. Or how about a studded bottle to go with that ripped activewear?

Welcome to the class of 2016: This new crop is stylish enough to go from the yoga studio to the office to the barre (or bar), making it easy to stay ultra-hydrated throughout the day—so that's one thing you can check off your to-do list.

Scroll down to see the next wave of chic water bottles.

soma water bottle

Soma Water Bottle, $30

Soma—the genius company behind the high-design, plant-based water filter system—has finally introduced an on-the-go bottle using the same chic design. Made from shatter-resistant glass with an easy-grip protective sleeve, it's pretty enough to make an appearance in your afternoon meeting, but isn't too delicate for that high-intensity dance cardio class afterwards.

citrus zinger sport water bottle
Photo: Citrus Zinger

Citrus Zinger Sport Water Bottle, $15

Five words and we were hooked: Spa water on-the-go. The new two-piece in-bottle equipment juices citrus fruits on the bottom and houses other add-ons, like cucumber, kiwi, or ginger, in the middle. Yes, we'll say it: It's almost like having a mini Juicero in your bag.

BKR water bottle
Photo: BKR

BKR Water Bottle, $35

The brand's original glass water bottle is a perfect argument for the stance, "Why change a good thing?" While its silicone-wrapped design hasn't strayed since the brand's inception in 2011, it has recently launched cool new design upgrades—like stars, hearts, and even studs.

VitaJewel water bottle
Photo: VitaJewel

VitaJuwel Via Wellness Bottle, $78

Crystal-infused water isn't exactly a new concept, but this brand makes your stone-sipping pretty convenient. Simply purchase your "reason"—from fitness and wellness to beauty and balance—and the company ships you a beautiful clear glass bottle with a cluster of customized gems anchored to the bottom.

LifeFactory splash water bottle
Photo: LifeFactory

Lifefactory Splash Glass Bottle, $29.99

Your sports bras and leggings are loaded up with cool patterns and graphics. And now your water bottle is, too. The new Splash collection from Lifefactory features a clear protective silicone sleeve over ceramic-dipped glass and an active-flip cap and stow-away handle, perfect for those quick sips between tapping it back.

Sol Vitality water bottle
Photo: Sol

Sol Vitality Fliptop Water Bottle, $29.99 (pack of three)

This new brand of bottles might not look like your average reusable, but you might want to add it to your rotation to change things up. The blue glass uses color therapy to enhance the contents: When left in direct sunlight, the solarized water is said to improve physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Plus, Gisele Bundchen is a big fan—we're not saying it can give you that supermodel glow, but it can't hurt.

SKLZ hydro roller water bottle
Photo: SKLZ

SKLZ Hydro-Roller, $39.99

Did someone say they needed a water bottle AND a foam roller in one? SKLZ heard you: Outfitted with all of the specs you're looking for—stainless steel, BPA-free, and keeping bevs cold for 24 hours—this one also serves as travel roller. That's right, covered in high-density foam, this bottle is ideal for massaging sore muscles and stress relief without taking up a ton of space—it's a fabulous two-for-one.

corkcicle water bottle
Photo: Corkcicle

Corkcicle 16-ounce Canteen, $27.95

While some brands promise 24 hours of cooling capability, Corkcicle has one-upped them by promising 25 hours—NBD—plus 12 hours of heat. They also make a large variety of interior-design-level color options (from mint to copper) and size options, from 9-ounce canteens to hefty 60-ouncers. Plus, we hear there's even one that fits an entire bottle of wine. (Just saying...)

s'well chrome water bottle
Photo: S'well

S'well Water Bottle, $42

Another major player in the water bottle space gets a super-trendy upgrade thanks to design inspo from gemstones, crystals, and Gray Malin—an artist known for his bird's-eye view of beaches, mountains, and forests. The bottle itself still boasts all of the classic S'well features (cold for 24 hours and hot for 12), plus S’well teamed up with the US Fund for UNICEF to help provide clean drinking water to children around the world.

Need somewhere to put your chic new bottle? How about in your trusty (and witty) gym bag? And while your accessories are on point, make sure your look is up to par—this celeb activewear collection is sure to be the hottest of this season

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