9 Planters and Vases That Double As Chic Sculptures in Small Living Spaces

Photo: Instagram/@urbanoutfittershome
When you're navigating space limitations in your healthy home, you can't always feature art and plants, despite how mood-boosting accessories are. So, you have to find some nifty two-in-one decor hacks to match your ingenious furniture that also pulls double duty.

There's the neon-light option, which is equal parts light source, motivational poster, and straight-up artwork, and then there's the uniquely designed planter and vase, which houses your air-purifying greenery and acts as a sculptural work of art.

Put a marble cactus or Instagram-bait plant in one of these vases for a chic and artistic lewk in your Zen den. And even if your unkillable plant somehow manages to wilt or you forget to replace the flowers, chances are no one will even notice with these pretty receptacles absorbing all their attention.

See the sculptural greenery holders below.

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