8 Reusable Grocery Totes That Are As Stylish As They Are Earth-Friendly

Photo: Instagram/@baggu

Not to be abrasively blunt, but plastic (not the Plastics) is destroying the planet. However, as the issue gains traction, brands, celebrities, and even regular consumers have started searching for ways to limit their impact on the environment. Adidas is using plastic to create activewear; Nike has developed a shoe material with a low carbon footprint; and Leonardo DiCaprio is peddling Beyond Meat, which is committed to reducing the carbon emissions derived from livestock production. And for your part, you—in addition to buying the most sustainable nut milk and food staples—can opt for a reusable, aesthetically pleasing tote instead of choosing between paper or plastic shopping bags at the checkout counter.

Using your reusable bag to load up on pantry essentials will not only help to keep the planet healthy for future generations, but it will also save you a bit of dough: A number of stores (including Whole Foods) reward their customers for bringing in their own bags. Win, win, #amiright?

Choose your cute and sustainable tote from the 8 chic options below.

Since these purses can double as your gym bag, you have another reason to avoid using plastic bags for your sweaty clothes

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