12 Chic Shower Slides That You’ll Definitely Want to Wear Beyond the Locker Room

See ya, squishy flip-flops.

Let's be honest: No matter how swanky the studio, public showers and locker rooms can be kinda icky. So while it's tempting (and very grounding) to walk around barefoot, opting for a pair of shower shoes is probably your better bet.

Before you get flashbacks to hauling a giant caddy from your dorm room to the communal college campus bathrooms, rest assured that you don't have to don a pair of squishy flip flops to keep your feet squeaky clean. (Hello, Prada's involved.)

Behold the chic shower slide! These 12 picks are way too cute to just wear in the locker room.

Now that you're geared up, make sure you're lathering up the right way—and then slather on these natural products, recommended by Onda founder Larissa Thomson

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