Need Some Healthy Travel Inspo? China Is Covered in Gorgeous Mood-Boosting Flowers

Photo: Stocksy/Zheng Long
While most of the United States is sill awaiting everything lush and natural to start waking up—dead grass and bare trees, begone!—China is already covered in blooms. The sprawling country is currently filled with fields of whimsical, vibrant-hued flowers that look like something straight out of your imagination. Talk about travel inspo, #amiright?

The mood-boosting flowers—which include peach blossoms, lilacs, magnolias, and more—vary from province to province, which means you'll just have even more to explore. According to Travel + Leisure, you can see stunning golden rapeseed flowers in Huangling while Guizhou is home to countless cherry trees and azaleas—seriously, countless (check out the Instagram video below).

If you're thinking about taking a trip that appeals to your plant-lady obsession, you better book it soon: Spring—primarily March to May in the lush areas—is prime time when it comes to spying (and, let's be real, 'gramming) these blooms. Instead of merely grabbing a bouquet for your desk, you'll basically be standing in the middle of the flora-filled magic.

Can't make it to China? Here's how to extend the life of your own flowers. Or, grab one of these ceramic vases for your bouquets. 

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