Chinae Alexander’s Top 5 Pieces of Wellness Wisdom

Photo: Instagram@chinaealexander

Chinae Alexander is not afraid to tell it like it is. The fitness it-girl has taught us what to do if your first spin class doesn't go exactly as planned and opened up about how she was more confident before she lost weight—now she's back with another dose of refreshing, unfiltered honesty.

To celebrate turning 32, Alexander shared 31 funny, down-to-earth, and heartfelt perils of wellness wisdom she learned throughout the past year.

From her thoughts on back fat to a totally relatable SoulCycle faux pas and skin-care advice, each totally resonant thought from the Adidas ambassador can satisfy your #MotivationMonday for months to come.

These are top 5 takeaways from Chinae Alexander's 31 lessons she learned last year:

1. "Stop f**king worrying about your back fat."

Chinae Alexander in woods
Photo: Instagram/@chinaealexander

Instead, spend your time thinking about something more useful, like a future trip to one of the world's most beautiful hot springs or, you know, what to watch on Netflix.

2. "Always go on the trip."

chinae alexander on fence
Photo: Instagram/@chinaealexander

When you have a chance to see the world, don't say no. Your life at home isn't going anywhere (literally), so take advantage of opportunities that come your way.

3. "You should not wear grey tights to SoulCycle."

Chinae Alexander in gym
Photo: Instagram/@chinaealexander

Has sager wisdom ever been unleashed? Just play it safe and stick to black because…you know, sweat. So. Much. Sweat.

4. "It's okay that you're in your 30s, are mildly successful, and still eat one meal of your day off a paper towel."

Avocado toast and smoked salmon toast
Photo: Instagram/@chinaealexander

Sometimes you just don't want to deal with dishes after a long day of work, okay?

5. "Washing your face every night and using good skin care pays off."

Chinae Alexander face mask soulcycle mug
Photo: Instagram/@chinaealexander

When you're decades older with glowing skin, your younger self will thank you.

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