7 Chinese-Owned Beauty Brands You Should Shop for Lunar New Year—And Beyond

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February 1 marks the Lunar New Year, and for over two weeks, people around the globe will ring in the Year of the Tiger in style. We're taking this time to celebrate and also appreciate: There are many ways to support the Chinese and Chinese-American community, and one of those ways is to check out Chinese-owned retailers and discover something new. Ahead are seven Chinese-owned beauty brands we've tried and tested—skin care that works, sculpting tools that will make you feel like you just got a facial, and more.

These days, gua sha tools and the rituals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can be found in just about every beauty and wellness store. These aren't trends, though—many routines and practices sold in big-box stores are based on over centuries of medical practices involving herbology, acupuncture, nutrition, and botany. Your best bet for integrating these age-old methods into your own regimen is by shopping Chinese-owned brands (like the ones listed below), which integrate their history in an authentic way.

The below beauty brands are experts in all-things TCM, lymphatic drainage, and more. Shop them for the Lunar New Year—and beyond.

Chinese-owned beauty brands to check out ASAP

1. Ling New York

What do Mariah Carey, Meg Ryan, and Naomi Campbell all have in common? They've all used products from Ling New York, the Chinese-owned skincare brand known for its dreamy face, hand, and body treatments. It was founded by Ling Chan, who grew up in Hong Kong before emigrating to America at 21 and opening her first spa in 1984.

“I was first exposed to jade as a beauty tool in Beijing decades ago, and learned how the Qing Dynasty used it to treat their skin back in the 1600s," Chan previously told Well+Good. "Many of the practices in our spa come from Chinese traditions and ancient beauty secrets that have been passed down for generations." Check out Ling's line of skincare products, here.

2. Yang Face

Gua sha is much more than a trend—it's a historical beauty practice rooted in centuries TCM. Rather than running out and getting the cheapest jade roller you can find on Amazon, check out Yang Face instead. Founded by Dr. Paige Yang, a doctor of acupuncture and TCM, Yang Face is your one-stop shop for "with undiluted, unappropriated Chinese facial tools."

All of its products are made from Grade A rose quartz (meaning there's no dyes or chemicals) and certified jade, manufactured in the same Chinese province Dr. Yang's mother is from. From stunning jade rollers and gua sha combs, to masterful stone masks and full facial sets, Yang Face tools will sweep you off your feet.

3. Florasis

Makeup brand Florasis was founded in Hangzhou, China, and uses natural botanicals combined with traditional Chinese beauty rituals to create ridiculously gorgeous cosmetics. Seriously—the brand's eyes and face palettes look like something you'd find in a museum. They're pressed with engravings inspired by Chinese art and culture, like the Impressions of Miao Floral Engraving Butterfly Palette ($59), which is carved with butterflies inspired by the Miao people, and the Floral Engraving Forest Aura Makeup Palette ($59) that celebrates traditional Dai art and mimics a peacock feather. Quality aside, each product will transform your vanity into a work of art instantly.

4. Supernal

Skin-care brand Supernal lives up to its name—its serums are celestial beings. According to the company's website, founder Melissa Medvedich grew up in a Chinese household where, "there was an inherent emphasis placed on caring for your skin."

Medvedich eventually went on to study aromatherapy and botanical beauty formulating, which led to the launch of Supernal in 2019. The brand's dreamy face oils and serums are all botanically-based and made in small-batches at Medvedich's family-operated studio in NYC. If dewy, just-woke-up-like-this is your thing, a bottle of either the Cosmic Glow Oil ($108) or the Illumine Restorative Oil Serum ($128) is a must.

5. Yina 

Yina is also rooted in TCM, developed by experts in TCM. The brand makes products with the ethos that beauty and wellness are connected, and that looking good has roots in vitality and preventing disease. From body creams and facial serums, to gua sha combs and body-loving herbal teas, Yina products are designed to make you feel better, inside and out. Our picks? The Regenerate Botanical Serum ($75) is helps support the skin's resilience with restorative botanicals, while the Anti-Pollution Mask ($65) lightens, brightens, and leaves skin supple.

6. Pink Moon


Lin Chen created Pink Moon as an "inclusive wellcare + community oasis... through every phase of life." The brand partners with woman-founded sustainable beauty brands from all around the globe to deliver the best of the best in beauty and wellness. That includes the brand's own line of self-care products, including wellness essentials like perfumes, hair and body oils, hygiene tools, and more. Not to mention, one percent of Pink Moon's revenue goes to a nonprofit of your choice with every purchase, as if you needed another reason to shop.

7. Purlisse


Dry winter skin getting you down? Head on over to Purlisse, which sells all the face and body care essentials you could ever need to rehydrate and nourish skin. Everything is formulated using Asian botanicals that are free from any GMOs, preservatives, or any other harsh ingredients that can leave skin unhappy. Ingredients like blue lotus (a powerful anti-inflammatory), ginger (which cleanses pores) and matcha green tea (for skin cell rejuvenation).

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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