Find Chiron’s Placement in Your Astrological Chart to Heal Your Past-Life Issues

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Ever feel like one area of your life is a little tougher to navigate than the rest? Maybe you've been dealing with challenging family dynamics since childhood, or perhaps financial troubles seem to follow you around wherever you go. Whatever it may be that's puzzling you, there's good news, astrologically speaking. That's because cosmically, our biggest challenges are actually a gateway into our most profound healing. And one great way to gain insight into your struggle zones? Locate Chiron in your astrological chart.

Often referred to as "the wounded healer," Chiron is an asteroid that orbits our solar system somewhere between Uranus and Saturn. "It's argued that Chiron may be what's known as a dwarf planet, which is what Pluto is classified as now," says astrologer and women's empowerment coach Natalia Benson, author of new astrology-inspired memoir Mystical AF. "Its placement in your chart is where you can get to know and understand what your deeper wounds are, as well as the karmic, past-life energy you're here to work through to grow and evolve."

"Chiron's placement in your chart is where you can get to know and understand what your deeper wounds are, as well as the karmic, past-life energy you're here to work through to grow and evolve." —astrologer Natalia Benson

Like any other planet in your natal chart—like the sun or the moon, for example—Chiron was located in a specific zodiac sign and astrological house at the moment you were born. These two placements—which natal house and zodiac sign Chiron is located in, that is—give you information on what your biggest wounds are and how to heal them. For example, as Benson writes in Mystical AF, her natal Chiron is in Gemini—the sign of communication—in the fifth house of creativity. It also happens to be contacting her natal Mars, the planet of masculine energy. "When I was younger I got bullied by boys for the way I looked, and even moving into my twenties, I had so many issues with men," she says.

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Since then, she's used her lessons from Chiron for good, building a business around empowering women to love and speak up for themselves. "Part of what makes me so passionate in my work is that I know what it feels like to be hurt, embarrassed, and shamed, and I never want anyone else to feel that way. My personal experience with Chiron has made me incredibly powerful."

To learn about your Chiron placement in your astrology chart, enter your birth date, time, and location into a free natal chart calculator and find the symbol that looks like a key. Then, take note of the sign and house it's located in. (If you don't know your birth time, you can find your Chiron sign using this chart.) From there, scroll down and discover how to turn your biggest pain points into superpowers.

Chiron in astrology shows us how to heal our deepest wounds—here's what that means based on your birth chart.

Chiron in Aries and/or the 1st house

"This can be an individual who is healing their sense of independence and their ability to lead," says Benson. "It may be someone who was a warrior in another lifetime and was physically hurt." Your biggest life lessons are all about overcoming insecurities so you can stand alone and innovate.

Chiron in Taurus and/or the 2nd house

Taurus is the sign of work and money, so if your natal Chiron is here you may be challenged in the cash-flow department. "In another lifetime, this soul may have been repressed financially," says Benson. "The lesson here is trusting that you're safe—don't overwork but don't underwork, either."

Chiron in Gemini and/or the 3rd house

If Chiron is in Gemini or your third house, you may find it difficult to speak your truth. "In a past life, this person may have been hurt for expressing their views," says Benson. To find healing, she adds, know that communication is important to your soul's evolution and practice it whenever possible.

Chiron in Cancer and/or the 4th house

Cancer and the fourth house rule home and family, so if Chiron in your astrology chart is located here, you may have some old wounds related to these things. Benson's advice: Find ways to nurture yourself and create your own sense of home, no matter who or what's around you.

Chiron in Leo and/or the 5th house

"In another lifetime, this may have been someone who put themselves out there and was shamed or ridiculed, like a performer or politician," Benson says. This time around, she adds, your mission is to unapologetically own what lights you up, even if you're scared of rejection.

Chiron in Virgo and/or the 6th house

Releasing control is the major theme of a sixth-house or Virgo Chiron, particularly where health is concerned. "This may be someone who, in another lifetime, had experiences where they felt completely powerless, like a terminal illness," says Benson. "In this lifetime, they're learning to trust."

Chiron in Libra and/or the 7th house

Libra is all about partners, so you could be experiencing struggles around relationships in this lifetime. "You may even be healing karma with another person, because, with Libra, there's typically someone else involved," says Benson. Your lesson is to cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself above all others.

Chiron in Scorpio and/or the 8th house

"If you have Chiron in Scorpio or the eighth house, you're here to do deep, powerful work when it comes to your relationship to sex," says Benson. Now is your opportunity to get intimate with your own sensual side.

Chiron in Sagittarius and/or the 9th house

If there's one message Benson wants to give you, it's to take the leap and explore the world—even if the thought of doing so scares you. "You're healing your relationship to your sense of adventure," she says, adding that you may have been confined in some way during a previous incarnation.

Chiron in Capricorn and/or the 10th house

In another life you may have been a big shot who fell from grace, which could be holding you back from a leadership role now. "You're healing your own ability to build something in the world," says Benson. "Know that it's okay to be powerful if you hold it in a respectful and empowering way."

Chiron in Aquarius and/or the 11th house

"Chiron in Aquarius is like, 'Let your freak flag fly! Be you! Create a revolution from the heart!'" says Benson. You may not have had the freedom to be yourself in past lives, but now, you're learning to hold your own vision for yourself and humanity, even if rebellion's outside your comfort zone.

Chiron in Pisces and/or the 12th House

Pisces and the twelfth house rule spirituality, so if Chiron falls here in your astrology chart, you may have been cast out for your beliefs in lifetimes past. "In this life, you're learning that it's safe to practice any kind of belief system you want and healing your relationship to your soul," Benson says.

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