This Easy Hack Magically Turns Your Water Into a Detoxifying Green Juice

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You've come to accept this as a reality: Some mornings you just don't have a crisper full of kale to make that fresh green juice you're craving (or the 12 bucks to hand over at your local juice bar). The solution? This magic ingredient.

Chlorophyll—yup, the pigment you learned about in science class that gives plants their vibrant color—is a wellness-world fave for fighting inflammationboosting immunity, and making your skin glow, not unlike your go-to glass of leafy greens.

"I would love to have a pressed juice every single day—but it’s pricey! Chlorophyll is an amazing alternative."

All you have to do is stir in a few drops of the inky, flavorless liquid to a glass of H20, as demonstrated by Bond&Taylor's next-gen chef Alexis Bondaroff. You can buy it in a handy dropper bottle—and, depending on the brand, 10 or so drops do the trick. Plus, "when you release those drops into a glass of water, it’s mesmerizing," she notes.

Ultimately, it's a budget-friendly health hack: "I would love to have a pressed juice every single day—but it’s pricey," Bondaroff says. "Chlorophyll is an amazing alternative." The math backs her up; one $23 bottle gets you glasses of chlorophyll water galore (like two dozen). Now that's something to drink to.

Thirsty for more? Here's the 411 on chlorophyll's detoxifying properties and why everyone's sipping it right now.

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