Chris Evans on How He Meditates, Being an Introvert, and How His Dog Helped Him Land His Newest Role

Photo: Jinx / W+G Creative
Chris Evans has a new role, but this one has nothing to do with acting. If you follow the star on social media, you know just how much he loves his adopted dog Dodger. (So much.) Posting them "working out" together, snuggling, and just hanging out, the actor is clearly a dog lover, and as such, he's now teamed up with Jinx, the dog nutrition brand, to take an active role in the company, working to help inform creative direction and marketing campaigns.

"I was already giving my dog, Dodger, these treats—he loved them," says Evans. "So my business manager actually brought me the opportunity, and I got to meet with the people at Jinx. It's always great meeting people who have similar passions to your own, and there's also a really great product involved. It just seems to make sense—kind of seems like a no-brainer."

We caught up with Captain America—uh, I mean Chris Evans—to talk more about his pup, his wellness habits, and whether he's an introvert or extrovert. Read it all below.

W+G: What do you and Dodger like doing most together, activity-wise?

CE: "We love hikes, we love camping, we love going on walks, we like to go on bike rides. You know, I've had dogs before that weren't great when I was on a bike or I was on roller blades or something; they were a little unpredictable. But Dodger is a really balanced and measured running partner even when I'm on wheels. We're big outdoorsy guys, but we also love a good sleeping-in. If we've had a late night, Dodger doesn't mind sleeping until noon."

W+G: Now that we know you're both big sleep fans, what are your go-to ways to relax? 

CE: "My job oftentimes has very early start times. Sets can be at 5 a.m. a lot of days, so if Dodger and I had a late night, we love to take the morning off. He wants to sleep as late as I do. When he was younger, it was a little different, but in recent years he doesn't mind."

W+G: You've talked about how you're into meditation before with others. Is that something you still regularly do? 

CE: "Of course. I think you have to. It's right up there with feeling like you're not eating enough vegetables or drinking enough water. If all of a sudden you're having a bad day—physically, mentally, emotionally—I think it's easy to point to, Man, if I'd really taken the time to still my mind for a little bit..."

W+G: Yeah, I think people still tend to think of meditation as one thing, one action—a prescribed way of doing it. But it's just really being present, and still.

CE: "Yeah, exactly: mindfulness. This could be as simple as when you're brushing your teeth, just keeping your thoughts present and not trying to have reactions and just letting things... be. Not letting your brain run in 10 different directions."

W+G: I'd love to hit you with some more rapid-fire wellness questions. So let's start easy—are you an early bird or a night owl? 

CE: "Oh man, a little bit of both. Which probably isn't good for my sleep pattern, but... you know, I usually don't sleep past 8 a.m. Nine in the morning is a good sleep-in for me, but that's just because I'm becoming an old man. Those days of sleeping in are over.  I have a hard time going to bed before midnight. I don't know if that counts as a night owl; I'm not up to two or three in the morning."

"Nine in the morning is a good sleep-in for me, but that's just because I'm becoming an old man. Those days of sleeping in are over." —Chris Evans

W+G: And would you consider yourself extroverted or introverted? 

CE: "I think everyone feels like they're a bit of an introvert, myself included. I guess it depends on the company. Around my friends and family, I'm a little different."

W+G: Milk—regular, oat, or almond? 

CE: "I'm an almond guy, if any! I really don't always find the need for it, based on what I eat."

W+G: Natural next question—coffee or tea? 

CE: "Oh, coffee. For sure. I really don't drink that much tea."

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