Is Chrissy Teigen About to Be a Martha Stewart–Esque Healthy-Home Mogul?

Photo: Instagram/@chrissyteigen
Move over, Martha—a new healthy home mogul might be making waves in the lifestyle space soon. Chrissy Teigen released her first cookbook, Cravings, in 2016 with much success—and now she's working on a follow-up. But she might not be stopping at drool-worthy recipe creations.

According to TMZ, Teigen recently filed to trademark the word "cravings," and the reason may go way behond future cookbooks. The description of the application makes clear she might be angling to launch an entire brand—or shall we say empire?—that could feature numerous different products, from housewares and appliances to decor, comforters, and even curtains. Yeah, this #BossBabe could be coming for your entire home.

If you keep up with Teigen at all, you know the model isn't just one of the funniest chefs on the planet—she also has killer style, especially when it comes to the beautiful home she shares with John Legend and little Luna. (Did you see her 73 Questions with Vogue interview?) So, if she does, in fact, expand beyond cookbooks, prepare for a frenzy: Your cravings for her wares might be hard to control.

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