Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato Just Dropped the #MeToo Anthem We All Need to Hear

Photo: Instagram/@xtina
After the Harvey Weinstein story broke last fall—and the accusations against the movie mogul came piling in from some of the biggest movie stars on the planet—the entertainment industry became a driving force of the epic #MeToo outpouring. Add the next wave of Time's Up activism—which took over conversations and outfits on red carpets this year—and you have a pop culture that's more overtly feminist than it's been in decades.

The latest example of this outspoken and unapologetic call for change? A new collaboration between Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato.

Earlier today, Aguilera shared the lyric video for her new track "Fall in Line" from Liberation, her upcoming album to be released on June 15. The track's lyrics deal with the social constraints put on young women, like being "beholden to a man" and the backlash they face when these constraints are challenged (or as they put it: being burned at the stake).

This Sunday, Aguilera will perform the track alongside Lovato at the Billboard Music Awards, where the performance will hopefully live upto  the gold standard set by Kesha's vulnerable and healing display at the Grammys.

#MeToo is already helping women but might make talking about sex feel tricky, here's how to navigate that conversation.

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