Why People Think Cinnamon Will Bring Abundance When Sprinkled Near Your Front Door

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There’s no denying that cinnamon is the real MVP of the spice drawer. It’s sweet, warming, comforting, and smells like the holiday season. You can cook with it, bake with it, and make cinnamon soy lattes. It’s an anti-inflammatory spice to boot and good for brain health1.

But there's another reason to love cinnamon and keep it handy at all times: It’s believed to help channel abundance and prosperity. Indeed, there are several ways to invite abundance into your life that use cinnamon as a vehicle, including blowing cinnamon into your house through the front door. Below, find intel from spiritual experts about how to embrace a cinnamon ritual like this one for abundance.

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Why cinnamon is associated with abundance

According to mystic Nikki Van De Car, author of the forthcoming book Shadow Magic: Unlocking the Whole Witch Within, cinnamon has long been considered a tool for attracting prosperity across several cultures.

Throughout history, cinnamon has been a valuable and prized spice popular in trade, which Van De Car says likely contributes to its association with abundance and use in many cultures. “Hoodoo and Conjure traditions, as well as European folklore and Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicine all associate cinnamon with energizing, stimulating the senses, and promoting a sense of vitality and productivity, all of which are certainly necessary for abundance,” she says.

"Cinnamon [is associated with] energizing, stimulating the senses, and promoting a sense of vitality and productivity, all of which are necessary for abundance."—Nikki Van De Car, mystic and author of Shadow Magic

According to Skye Alexander, author of The Kitchen Witch, cinnamon can be particularly useful to “spark career success or attract financial gain, especially if you’ve been stuck in a rut for a while.” Cinnamon’s antiseptic qualities can also help remove blockages and clear the path to abundance, says spiritual advisor and tarot reader Meghan Rose.

Why people believe a ritual of sprinkling cinnamon at your front door attracts prosperity

Sprinkling cinnamon at the front door is one popular and easy cinnamon ritual for tapping into the spice’s powers. In fact, videos about blowing cinnamon into your house have accrued 4.5 million views on TikTok. So, why is it wise to spread it by your front doorway, specifically? “Doors, in esoteric practice, represent the portal between the outside world and our internal, spiritual space,” says Rose. So, by spreading cinnamon at the front door, you’re essentially attracting prosperity into your household.

When you’re doing any type of abundance ritual, Alexander says it’s also important to be in the right mindset. “A ritual’s power comes from your intention and your willpower,” she says. “The more enthusiasm, clarity, and energy you can bring to the ritual the better.” Van De Car adds that it’s important to think carefully about what you really want before embarking on any abundance ritual—and to stay true to that desire, not what you think you should want based on the desires of others.

As with all spiritual practices, there is no guaranteed result from practicing a cinnamon ritual, says Rose. But, she adds, if you approach it with an open heart, the evidence of more abundance can quickly show up in your life. While it's possible that it could arrive in the form of literal money, you might also expect more abundant energy, gratitude, love, fun, or joy.

How to do the cinnamon front door ritual for abundance

1. Do this ritual on the first of the month

Rose says timing the cinnamon ritual for the first day of every month is ideal as it's associated with new beginnings. “Metaphorically, when we see the first of the month, it represents a new chapter or period of time,” she says. “So, if we are hoping to start a new chapter with abundance, doing the ritual on the first of the month simply amplifies the intention of starting anew.” If that day aligns with the new moon even better, says Alexander, because “as the moon’s light grows, so will your abundance.”

2. Set an intention out loud

Intention is key when doing any kind of spiritual practice, this cinnamon ritual included. Start by heading to your front door with some ground cinnamon in hand, and then, set an intention for this ritual. “The intention sets the tone and lets the universe know exactly what you want,” Rose says.

If you don't know where to start, consider reciting this intention: "When this cinnamon blows, prosperity will come to enter. When this cinnamon blows, abundance will come to stay. When this cinnamon blows, abundance will live here. And so it is done."

If these words don’t resonate with you, tweak them so they’re more your vibe. A couple other examples from Rose: “I blow this cinnamon to welcome abundance into my life,” and “I welcome abundance into my home. My home is a magnet for abundance.” The key, Rose says, is that the intention states that you are opening your home and heart to attract and receive abundance and will continue attracting it even after the ritual is complete.

Ideally, Rose recommends speaking your intention aloud. “This amplifies the energy that you are ready to receive and confirms to the universe that you are unafraid of the abundance coming to you and your home,” she says. She adds that the most important thing is to do what is aligned for you, so if repeating it internally feels good, you can do that, too.

3. Blow the cinnamon into your home

Next comes the fun part: literally blowing cinnamon (and, in turn, abundant vibes) into your home. Place about a tablespoon of ground cinnamon into the palm of your non-dominant hand, says Rose. Open your front door so the door faces inside (if possible), stand outside the door, and blow three times to sprinkle the cinnamon in the threshold.

You may also add salt, which has protective properties in rituals, to your cinnamon. “Combining cinnamon with salt will help to protect you and your blessings from outside forces, so they do not get derailed as they make their way to you,” Rose says.

And if you make a mess? According to Rose, you’re not using much cinnamon, so there shouldn’t be enough to pile up noticeably. However, if you do have the urge to clean it up afterward, she suggests waiting until at least the next day, so the ritual and its power have time to fully settle into your home.

4 other ways to embrace a cinnamon ritual for abundance

1. Lightly dust cinnamon into your wallet

If you're wondering how to use cinnamon to attract money, specifically, Rose suggests cleaning out your wallet (to help clear any stagnant energy) and dusting a light coating of ground cinnamon inside it to amplify your earning potential. Bonus points if you sprinkle it on silver coins.

2. Cook and bake with cinnamon

One of the easiest ways to reap cinnamon’s abundance is to cook and bake with it, says Van De Car. “Bake some snickerdoodles and set a clear intention as you sprinkle in your teaspoon of ground cinnamon, and you'll have cast a spell and have a delicious snack,” she says. Alexander recommends whipping up some pumpkin bread, cinnamon toast, or cinnamon rolls if you want more ideas to satisfy a sweet tooth.

If you’re more into drinking your cinnamon, try drinks like cinnamon water and cinnamon tea. Van De Car also recommends brewing an herbal tisane that features cinnamon and other plants associated with abundance, including rosemary for focus, mint for clarity and positivity, and fresh ginger for energy. Steep mint leaves, sliced fresh ginger, a cinnamon stick, and one rosemary sprig for at least 10 minutes in boiling water to make it.

Use the time spent waiting for your tea to brew to plot out actionable steps you can take toward an abundant goal in a journal, adds Van De Car.

3. Use cinnamon essential oil in your home

Another easy cinnamon ritual? Using cinnamon essential oil to infuse your home with abundant energy. “To do so, put a few drops of cinnamon essential oil into your floor cleaner and clean the floors of your home once per month,” Rose says. You can also light cinnamon-scented candles in your home or rub taper candles with cinnamon essential oil before lighting them, suggests Alexander.

4. Make cinnamon potpourri or simmer pots

An aromatic potpourri will help cinnamon’s powers emanate throughout your home. Gather cinnamon sticks, cloves, ginger, and orange peels in a bowl, advises Alexander, and “stir the ingredients with a cinnamon stick several times a day to stir up opportunities for success.”

You could also put these ingredients into a pot on your stove and simmer them in hot water to tap into cinnamon’s abundance properties while spreading the pleasant aroma throughout your home.

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