How This Edgy-Cool Yogi Refreshes Her Workout Look for the New Year

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Whether you've got lofty goals for 2018 or prefer to keep your resolutions simple (finally stop biting your nails!), we all have things we'd like to leave in 2017—and that includes your worn-out activewear.

Take it from cool-girl yogi Claire Fountain (the totally inspirational yoga instructor is the mastermind behind the TrillYoga movement taking over Instagram, after all). Her entire community is based on the idea that your personal style is an integral part of what makes you, you.

"Part of TrillYoga was the idea you could have whatever style you wanted and still come to yoga," she says. "It truly can be an extension of yourself, and there’s no need to alter that just to fit into yoga or wellness."

"There’s no need to alter [your personal style] just to fit into yoga or wellness."

Yes: You can still wear cut-outs and mesh and be a totally self-loving, wellness-obsessed yoga master. And getting your hands on attire that makes you feel good (AKA fave brands like Onzie, Adidas, and so many more) couldn't be easier now that Amazon offers tons of on-trend activewear pieces. It's official: Finding your best look for 2018 is as easy as clicking "add to cart."

Keep reading for Fountain's top activewear picks—plus more of her totally wise fresh-start advice.


amazon fashion activewear

Core 10 Ballerina Sports Bra, $39

While January is the de-facto month of resolutions, Fountain believes working on yourself should be a year-round kind of thing—but she does advocate for using the new year as an opportunity for self reflection.

"Forget the dates," she says. "Regardless of the potential pressure a New Year’s resolution might put on you, you’ve got to define what matters to you."

For Fountain, what matters is yoga (among other passions), and she loves practicing in comfy sports bras and crop tops. "I love the fit [of the Ballerina Bra]," she says. "It's flattering and supportive for me during yoga." No-fear inversions, here you come.

amazon fashion activewear

Core 10 Rebel Tight, $69

Another key element of curating her perfect yoga look (because look good, practice better) is finding leggings long enough to cover her 5'9" frame, and these second-skin tights fit the bill.

"There is nothing worse than not being able to focus because you’re worried about your tights being see-through, your bra not fitting correctly, or being super hot in an annoying top," Fountain says. "Choosing pieces that fit, support, and allow for a great workout are key."


 amazon fashion activewear

Core 10 Motion Tech Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie, $79

Fountain always opts for a stylish layer to throw on pre- and post-workout (perfect for taking you from studio to smoothie joint to refuel after your sweat sesh).

"My go-to activewear look is usually all black or monochromatic at the least, with a hoodie I can tie around my waist as well," she says. "This one was comfy without being overly slim or too bulky."

amazon fashion activewear

Adidas NEO Women's CF Racer TR W Running Shoe, $75

When it comes to fitness footwear, Fountain usually goes barefoot (because, yoga). But when she hits the gym it's all about sleek, supportive kicks.

"I prefer flat-bottomed sneakers that allow me to have the best lifting session," she says. "If activewear doesn’t fit, or makes you feel uncomfortable, [it can kill] your entire workout." Heard that.


amazon fashion activewear

Core 10 Dare Devil Sports Bra, $39

After you've polished your new look (and replaced that old stretched out sports bra), take a moment to remember why you're investing in yourself—whether that's through new activewear, an extra self-care night each week, or a few extra classes at your favorite studio.

Staying in touch with what drives you is key for committing to your goals for an entire year, Fountain says.

"It’s easy to stick with something when it makes your life better," she adds. "And if all else fails, take a chance on love. Try seeing your thoughtful resolutions as an act of love to yourself. We have to be our own biggest fans, and then self improvement just becomes an extension of that belief."

amazon fashion activewear

Adidas Performance Women's Adizero Tempo 9 W Running Shoe, $120

Fountain's advice for identifying your resolutions: write everything down to create a solid game plan.

"Set short term and long term goals, so you can get that push of motivation that comes with accomplishing the smaller ones," she says. "Writing in a journal can help align thoughts and goals. Then, taking action based steps to achieve any resolution or goal is important. All the talk in the world won’t help if you’re not taking the steps towards something you’d like to accomplish."

Take those steps in super cool sneaks—even if they don't actually help you accomplish your goals, at least you'll feel like a rockstar on your way.

amazon fashion activewear

Onzie Women's Mesh Cut Out Capri, $69

Even Fountain has those days when she feels unmotivated (happens to the best of us) but when those moods hit she has a ritual for snapping out of it—starting with getting dressed in something she feels inspired by, like jazzed up leggings with fun cutouts.

"I put my clothes on. I drink some tea, a shake, or do a very mild pre-workout, and I put on music," she says. "Even if my mind isn’t there, I just will my body to get there and the rest happens as it should. I always feel better afterwards, and remind myself of that."


amazon fashion activewear

Core 10 Studiotec Cross Waist Tight, $65

To stay ready to tackle her goals at all times, Fountain keeps her gym bag stocked with resistance bands, an extra pair of socks for lifting, a few hair ties, and of course—a pair of black leggings.

"Who doesn’t need good, go-to black tights for yoga or any other workout?" she says. "Or just for wearing anytime." These seriously soft tights are so comfy we're betting "anytime" will turn into "all the time."

amazon fashion activewear

Onzie Women's Pyramid Bra, $48

At the end of the day, Fountain reminds her clients to treat themselves, their bodies, and their goals with gracious patience.

"I’m a really laid back trainer," she says. "This doesn’t mean I don’t take fitness seriously, I very much do! I just think a powerful step is to take the guilt and shame out of fitness programs or diets. Take the obsession out. Put some enjoyment and flexibility in it, and accept that we are all human." New Year's goals: defined.

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