Class Action: TRX MAX at Equinox

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This is a traditional interval-training class that incorporates the TRX suspension system. AKA, circuit training on a double serving of steroids.

Scott Katzenstein TRX class at Equinox

This high-energy workout is a traditional interval training class that incorporates the TRX suspension system. (Think circuit training on a double serving of steroids.)

And in uber-talented Scott Katzenstein's class, you'll really learn how to use the TRX—and otherwise never stop moving.

The workout consists of three stations (one of these stations uses the TRX) with four exercises at each one. Each exercise is only done for one minute. But FYI: halfway through our first station, we were dripping with sweat.

Katzenstein is incredibly creative—he uses weights, kettlebells, and floor discs in ways we could not have seen coming. (Burpees with the ViPR!) Some of the exercises were complicated at first, but his constant cueing and enthusiasm kept me motivated.

This was especially true at the TRX station, where Katzenstein really seemed to correct everyone's form, and we repeated two tough moves several times to "drill them into our muscle memory."

The goal of the class is to teach people how to use the TRX on their own, Katzenstein explains. “By nailing one or two moves per class, you can add the system into your normal workouts without risk of injury.” Well, we'll take a few more lessons before we fly solo. —Rosa Levitan

Who’s it for: Boot camp junkies, those looking to learn to use the TRX, people who want to add muscle and burn fat simultaneously, and aspiring personal trainers.

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