Newsflash: Classpass Is in Major Expansion Mode—Is Your City Next?

Photo: ClassPass

If you’re the type of sweat sesh regular who loves to try yoga, HIIT, barre, and boxing—all in the same week—your workout lineup may be getting a huge shake-up soon.

ClassPass, the fitness-booking app that originated the idea of a la carte boutique classes, is in major expansion mode, adding 10 more cities in North America over the next several months.

So if you live in New Orleans, Pittsburg, or San Antonio, you could be joining the ClassPass user ranks in a matter of weeks. Yes, that soon. Up next after that this year: Honolulu, Calgary, Milwaukee, Salt Lake City, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Riverside, CA. (Hey, if you're going to compete with Google...)

“Every day we get emails and inquiries from people in other cities asking when we are coming to their town, so I’m thrilled to be able to deliver on that,” says Payal Kadakia, founder and executive chairman at ClassPass.

While price hikes have gotten the most attention in the past year or so, ClassPass has been changing it up lately in other ways as well—with new app features, an expanding partner list, and on-demand video content. And with the new cities, it means that ClassPass’ list of 8,500 fitness partners will get longer as well.

And it looks like this is only the beginning of the fitness platform’s plans to expand its reach.

So, what’s next? “I look forward to growing our network by introducing the platform to even more people domestically and ultimately abroad,” says Fritz Lanman,  ClassPass CEO. Yes, that’s right ClassPass is going full-on international (beyond the Canadian and Australian cities already a part of the service), with several yet-to-be-named international spots being added in early 2018. Hey ClassPass, a couple of thought-starters: How about skateboarding in Paris, boxing in Cape Town, or this secret yoga club in London?

Now that you can try even more studios, find out why your Pure Barre class may get even more intense, and you may find Beyonce breaking a sweat in this unexpected place. 

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