Classpass Is Expanding—Into Your Living Room

Photo: Stocksy/Clique Images
If you're an avid ClassPass user, it's frustrating when your heart wants to do a Nalini Method class but the app's telling you that those classes are booked. Or—an even bigger obstacle—you can't try the happiness-boosting workout because you don't even live in the same state. You're either left doing something else, or forced to use it as a rest day.

But in a major move that could make it possible to do the workout you want, whenever you want, the fitness-booking app has announced that it is expanding into the digital realm with on-demand video content.

Now available: over 100 workout videos from your fave instructors—from Laughing Lotus' Dana Flynn to Blogilates' Cassey Ho—on ClassPass' website and app (with other device options in the works).

So they're essentially bringing dozens of different barre, HIIT, and yoga classes to you, which alleviates the stress of not being able to do the classes you want (or worrying about schlepping to the studio with all your bags, plus your yoga mat, plus your matcha).

“Our goal with ClassPass is to have a positive impact on the lives of our members and provide an experience that makes fitness as easy and accessible as possible,” Payal Kadakia, ClassPass' founder and executive chairman, said in a statement. “The launch of video on demand expands upon that vision by giving our users the flexibility to enjoy classes no matter where their lives take them and the option to work out as much as they want.”

Boutique fitness without the added hassle of, well, actually getting to the class? Game-changer.

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