Breaking: Classpass Is Testing an Expansion That Would Offer Beauty and Wellness Services

Photo: Stocksy/Lumina
When ClassPass launched in 2013, it quickly revolutionized the fitness industry by offering 10 studio class credits for $99. Over the years, the deal has shape-shifted through different models and prices (at one point, it offered unlimited classes for that same $99, and at another, the unlimited rate ballooned up to nearly $200), and now it's back to a credit-based system. But, despite each change being met with the public acrimony typically reserved for iOS updates, the platform has remained groundbreaking for making boutique fitness way more affordable—like some gym memberships, or even less!—than it would be otherwise, and now it's extending its scope. ClassPass announced today that it is experimenting with wellness- and beauty-service offerings.

A select group of New York City users can book sessions for massages, facials, cryotherapy, acupuncture, infrared saunas, and more, in addition to the fitness offerings.

Select New York City users will participate in a pilot program allowing them to reserve beauty and wellness services, in addition to the standard workout classes already available with the monthly subscription, at no additional cost, ClassPass announced via a press release this morning. The beta testers will be able to book sessions for massages, facials, cryotherapy, acupuncture, infrared saunas, and more, which jibes with the company's goal to create a complete wellness experience.

"Our users are a health-conscious group looking to discover high-quality experiences at the best possible value. They crave more than just physical fitness, and as trailblazers in the space, it’s our role to create an inclusive business model that encompasses wellness," ClassPass CEO Fritz Lanman said in the press release.

Depending on how the testing phase goes, you might see ClassPass expand its wellness offerings around the country. And, who knows? Maybe eventually into your home as well.

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