Breaking News: Classpass Is Launching Live-Streaming Workouts in 2018

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As major players in the boutique fitness scene continue to bring the studio experience home—think: dance cardio powerhouse AKT and more recently, spinning startup Flywheel—it's becoming increasingly clear that the future of fitness is digital. And if the success of pioneers in the space such as Peloton, which only started selling its at-home bikes in 2014 and is already valued at $1.25 billion dollars, is any indicator, we're heading toward a future that's not just bright, but megawatt.

The latest harbinger of things to come? ClassPass—today, the subscription-based startup announced plans to launch live-streaming workouts in early 2018.

ClassPass Live, as the standalone platform will be called, is designed to be an immersive workout experience with new programming five days per week. Like other brands before it, one of the main reasons ClassPass is doubling down in the digital space is because it's attempting to reach a bigger audience than it ever could IRL. "By expanding into at-home digital products, we're able to offer existing members more value and flexibility in how and when they work out, while simultaneously bringing studio-fitness inspired workouts to a whole new demographic nationwide" says Fritz Lanman, ClassPass CEO.

The classes will be HIIT-based—all without equipment.

The Live studio, which will be based in Brooklyn's Industry City, will film several classes per day with a variety of instructors culled from ClassPass' existing boutique studio partners, as well as up-and-coming talent, according to Payal Kadakia, the founder and executive chairman of ClassPass. "What's really amazing is that we've seen a varied amount of people who are able to be incredibly natural on-camera, are super-talented fitness instructors, and have great personalities," she says.

Initially, classes will be filmed only on weekdays (sorry weekend warriors), but Lanman says that may change depending on the customer response. Classes will be HIIT-based—all without equipment. There are plans to roll out other styles of Live workouts in the future, however, but Lanman says they won't move on to another discipline (say, yoga or barre) until this one is perfected.

Although Live's launch date is still TBD, Lanman says it'll be sometime during the first few months of 2018. Current ClassPass members will pay $10 a month for the addition of the Live programming, while a new solo Live-only subscription will launch at $15 per month. And as someone who has possibly experimented with pretty much every at-home exercise app ever, I can tell you that's a real steal.

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