8 (Genius!) Classpass Hacks That’ll Stretch Your Credits Further

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Over the course of the last few years, ClassPass has taken over the fitness scene. In New York, at least, it's nearly impossible to have a conversation about workouts without someone mentioning the service, and there's an entire Reddit thread out there dedicated to trading tips and tricks about how to get the most out of your membership. As a fitness editor, if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if ClassPass was worth it, I'd be able to afford at least a lifetime supply of monthly credits.

The service has changed quite a bit since its early iterations (#tbt to when you could get a month's worth of unlimited classes for $100 flat), but considering I've been a a die-hard member since those days—way back in 2013!—my answer always has been that ClassPass is worth it, as long as you A) love classes as much as I do and B) know how to hack the system to get the most out of your membership.

Eight ways to take advantage of your ClassPass membership

1. Take a lunch break: If you can sneak out of the office for a quick class in the middle of the day, your credit count may thank you. These classes are considered off-peak, so they're available at a discounted rate, and you won't have to fight off crowds for the bike or mat you want since classes tend to be smaller.

2. Check in 12 hours ahead: Since ClassPass allows its users to cancel up to 12 hours ahead of a class without any penalty, spots tend to open up right around that window. If you're trying to get into a full class, look at the app at the 12 hour mark and you may get lucky.

3. The earlier you book, the better: Classes tend to cost fewer credits the earlier you book, so try to plan out your week as far in advance as possible. Plus, as mentioned you can cancel up to 12 hours ahead, so you may as well book now and figure it out later.

4. Get creative with the way you use your credits: For example, three credits can get you access to a gym, so if you've got credits to spare and are hitting a studio without a shower, use an extra three to pop into a gym nearby to take advantage of their locker room.

5. Book a blowout: Or a facial. Or a cryotherapy session. In addition to using your credits to book workout classes, you can also use them to indulge in a little "me" time, since the platform offers spa treatments like massages, haircuts, and acupuncture—among many other things—too.

6. Add your classes to your calendar: Think of your workouts as appointments you've made with yourself. And the best way to keep them? By putting them in your calendar, right alongside all of the other appointments you've made for the day. The ClassPass app makes it super easy to do just that, as it links with your calendar and puts your classes in automatically.

7. Mix things up: Once you've visited a particular studio multiple times in one month, classes at that location will start to run you more credits. In order to make the most out of the credits you've got, consider this an excuse to try something new.

8. Get your company to pay for it: This one may take slightly more finagling, but companies can partner with ClassPass to give you free credits, classes, and other corporate membership benefits.

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