This Clay Mask Has a 1,000-Person Waitlist—Here’s What You Need to Know

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When a beauty product has a waiting list that topples over 1,000 people, you know it's gotta be good. But why exactly is everyone going crazy over Aussie brand Sand & Sky's Purifying Pink Clay Mask?

Prominent beauty brands (especially ones with upwards of 55,000 Instagram followers) typically have a few hot products people are trying to get their hands on. But Sand & Sky only has one. Started by twins Emily and Sarah Hamilton, the brand is taking full advantage of Australia's unique botanical ingredients—and the results are pretty popular.

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After a year of research and testing, the company recently released the finished product: a cruelty-free mask that aims to give the skin an instant detox, making your complexion look so good, you might consider forgoing the foundation.

Customers who have already used the $49 mask are raving about the results in reviews on the site—but what exactly is in the product that's giving everyone who uses it glow-y, blemish-free skin after the first use?

Sand & Sky's not-so-secret ingredient is pink Australian clay, which absorbs dirt and impurities, draws out toxins, restores the skin's natural defense shield, and tightens and refines pores.

Sand & Sky's not-so-secret ingredient is pink Australian clay, which they say "draws out toxins and combats pollution, restores the skin's natural defense shield, and tightens and refines pores." The mask also uses a ton of botanical ingredients that sound almost smoothie-worthy: organic licorice to lighten sun spots, organic aloe vera and pomegranate to tighten and soothe, and kakadu plum (it's popular in Australian skin care), kelp, and organic mangosteen to prevent free radicals damage. Phew. Basically, it's an entire superhero squad of natural ingredients.

To get the best results, the company recommends using the mask one to three times a week, depending on your skin type. Sounds it's worth trying—if you can get off the waiting list, that is.

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