A Tour of the Clean Beauty Hotspot That Just Hit the Streets of NYC

While your grocery haul is full of fresh greens, pounds of brown rice, and a couple bottles of kombucha, your skin-care and makeup haul might still be teetering toward less-than-good-for-you.

It might be time for a safer take to this whole skin-care thing. Good news, though: You don't have to sacrifice any of the glam benefits. Beautycounter is a testament to achieving cleaner and better-for-you beauty while simultaneously giving you a gorgeous glow—what, like it's hard? 

The brand actually prohibits the use of over 1,500 harmful or questionable ingredients in its product formulations, which range from skin care to makeup to luxe body oils to slather on head-to-toe. And it means business: Well+Good's associate beauty editor Rachel Lapidos even traveled to the capital with Beautycounter reps to help lobby for safer cosmetics in the U.S.

To further the cleaner-beauty mission, Beautycounter just launched a New York City beauty hotspot to spread the word of better-for-you beauty—and Well+Good readers recently got to come shop, snag DIY sage wands, and enjoy mini makeovers in one of the most Instagrammable spaces we've ever been in. 

Scroll down for a mini tour of the new Beautycounter NYC space and score some beauty inspo for the new year.

clean beauty

Situated in the heart of Nolita, the Beautycounter outpost was currently decked out with holiday cheer and a side of hell yaas—the motto "Beauty should be good for you" is displayed on the window for all your double-tap needs.

clean beauty

As guests walked in, they were met with these affirming words. (Okay, so in addition to finding that specific lipstick shade for your BFF, you just got inspired, too.)

clean beauty

The experts behind the counter (had to) showed off all the must-have products, and attendees couldn't get enough. Nearly every attendee left with a little something pretty—two, actually, because Beautycounter threw in a complimentary lip gloss for the heck of it.

clean beauty

Mini makeovers were on the menu to get a full sense of the beauty magic. The chic, bright space was the just-right environment for getting your makeup did.

clean beauty

Sunday Forever set up shop to show guests how to make their own DIY wellness sage wands to target key areas: sleep, focus, or meditation. It's an easy—and natural—way to bring some wellness into your own home.

clean beauty

Remember that comment about being the ultimate Instagram hotspot? Here's just some of the evidence—alongside Beautycounter's must-have skin-care products. Because yes, you clean up nice.

In partnership with Beautycounter

All photos: Tim Gibson for Well+Good

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