Clean to the Core: Nyc’s Colonic Queen Makes Her Luxury Debut

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To call Brigit Krome a colonic therapist is an understatement. Kind of like calling Madonna a singer. The German-born raw foodist is more of an evangelist for a clean colon, a diva of deep detox.

Today, Krome, who has been NYC's evacuation specialist at the Great Jones Spa for downtown rockers and bohemian types, Paul Labrecque for celery-snarfing UES society ladies, and Spa 88 on Wall Street for 300-pound Russian walruses, debuts what will be the city’s most luxurious destination for colonics. Typically the service is given in sterile rooms that have the warmth of a jail cell. But that’s about to change with Krome’s new headlining role at the very exclusive Core Club.

The Core Club is that unmarked midtown sanctuary with membership fees so high that only people who own boats and baseball teams can entertain belonging. But you can gain entrance to this rarified universe through the spa, which is open to the public, if you’re willing to have your colon expertly plumbed by Krome. She'll gently irrigate and steam-clean it with warm water while you lay on buttery linen sheets in a sumptuous wood-paneled room. Then, you'll shower surrounded by Carrera marble and recline in the all-white cocoon-like relaxation room.

A Core Club treatment room

Krome, who’s equal parts Earth Mama and Sexy Nurse, has administered 40,000 colonics during her professional life. She was introduced to colonics as a 22-year-old student on a Fulbright in NYC. “It definitely felt strange,” she remembers. “But I felt lighter and energized afterward.” A week later she was studying colonic hydrotherapy at the Polarity Wellness Center in NYC. She trained for three years and also became the long-term student of Hanna Kroeger and Ann Wigmore, royalty of the colon therapy world.

Why is she a such a proponent? "Colonics are the quickest, deepest way to detox poisons out fast," says Krome. "Colonics also stimulate pressure points in your colon thereby affecting your heart, liver, and lungs.” Though science on the subject may be foggy, it’s hard not to be swayed by Krome's bubbling enthusiasm and her own obvious good health. At 52-years-old and with radiant skin, clear eyes, and an enviable bikini body, she's a poster image for the lifestyle she proselytizes.

Krome isn't an enabler. That is, she doesn’t believe in flushing New Yorkers of their excesses. She also doesn’t want to aid fashion models looking for additional weight loss. She wants to convert you to a very specific lifestyle. Her prescription for clean living is exact: twice a year you should have a series of six colonics, eat raw, live foods, eat four slices of Manna bread daily, do castor oil packs at night, take Hanna Kroeger herbs, and make liberal use of the steam room, sauna, and dry brushing. Green drinks should replace coffee as your go-to beverage. It’s hard to argue with any of her advice—it does sound cleaner.

Many people walk out of Krome's colonic suite believing they’ll become raw foodists; some actually do. And most have their conversion moment on the table while watching the contents of their bowels and lower intestines pass through the glass disposal tube. The sheer amazement at having a peek at your poop and Krome’s lively banter often seal the deal: “Ohh, that impacted fecal matter had been there for a loooong time.”

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