How to Get Clear and Glowing Skin With Just Three Beauty Products

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There's washing your face and slapping on some moisturizer, ablutions style. And then there's a beauty ritual, where your intentions—from the skin-care products you use to the purpose of taking an actual minute for yourself (for inner beauty!)—are a tad more pure, explains Jeannie Jarnot, founder of beauty delivery service Beauty Heroes.

Each month, Jarnot adds one must-try natural beauty pick (AKA a "hero" product) to the medicine cabinets of women across the country, who then build a personal ritual out of them.

Jarnot has her own seasonal skin-care ritual down to three products. And for her there's a chicness in this simplicity—as well as total bliss taking 30 minutes on a weekend morning for some facial TLC. (Though there are no skin-care consequences for doing yours in 3 minutes to dash to brunch.)

The clean-beauty savant shared her super streamlined, totally do-able ritual with us for super clear, bright, and glowy skin.

The Skin-Care Ritual

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Step 1: Beauty Steam for 5-7 minutes with SKIN OWL MARIGOLD GLOW

Step 2: Naturally exfoliate and brighten for 15 minutes with LAUREL SKIN HONEY BERRY ENZYME MASK

Step 3: Massage in 8-10 drops of Skin owl MANGOSTEEN BEAUTY DROPS PM

Keep reading for the results should you expect...

Jeannie Jarnot, Spa Heroes founder
Photo: Jeannie Jarnot/Beauty Heroes

What type of skin would you recommend this particular ritual for?

Honey, in particular, is one of those wonder ingredients that I think works well on every skin type. It’s a humectant (draws and locks in moisture), anti-bacterial, a natural exfoliator and rich in nutrients. Anyone who has rosacea may just want to shorten the time they spend beauty steaming to 3-4 minutes.

What results should we expect from this ritual?

Every step in this ritual will lead you towards clearer skin. Step 1 naturally detoxifies, step 2 exfoliates and step 3 treats skin to the powerfully clarifying mangosteen fruit oil. The honey and berries in the mask are powerful skin-brighteners, so you’ll also see a more even skin tone. Plus, your skin will feel soft as a petal.

What’s the purpose of a skin-care ritual, especially for busy people?

To me a beauty ritual means taking time to enjoy skin care, as an act of self-care. Some of my beauty rituals are just a few minutes long and others, like this one take about a half hour. The ritual can be for the sole purpose of seeing a result in your skin or experiencing products that smell and feel great, or both. I recommend enjoying the process and the result, why not? Anyone skeptical of spending 10-15 minutes for a beauty ritual might want to just try it. Don’t blame me if you get hooked.

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