Let the Global Climate Strike Inspire You to Take 5 Steps to Save Our Planet

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The Global Climate Strike is taking place right now in more than 150 countries. From September 20-27, ahead of the United Nation's 2019 Climate Action Summit in New York City, millions of strikers will exit their schools, homes, offices, factories, and farms to protest the environmental atrocities occurring in their respective zip codes. "Some will spend the day in protest against new pipelines and mines, or the banks that fund them; some will highlight the oil companies fueling this crisis and the politicians that enable them," reads the official website of the Global Climate Strike.

Unfortunately, not everyone is in a position to walk out of their lives right here and right now. But that doesn't mean you have to sit out this momentous event. On an individual level, there are moves you can make to lessen your own environmental footprint, and to demand the your representatives do the same on a larger scale. Here's how to make an impact.

5 ways to help the environment, inspired by the Global Climate Strike

1. Ditch your car whenever you can

Back in 2017, a study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters compared 147 individual actions on climate change. They found that cutting down on driving time is the single-best thing anyone can do for the environment. So ride your bike, walk, take public transportation, and do what you can stay far away from fossil fuels.

2. Eat less (or half the amount) of the meat you eat now

According to the World Resource Institute (WRI), the average American could cut the environmental impact of their diets in half simply by lowering their meat consumption. With the steady rise of alt-meat options, it's getting easier and easier to swap plant-based options in for burgers, chicken, and all your other favorites.

3. Use your purchasing power

A lot of energy goes into making your leggings, sports bras, and other go-to garments. The clothing sector contributes to about 3 percent of the world's overall carbon emissions. Meaning, investing in sustainable fashion (and skipping out on fast fashion) makes a difference.

4. Support one of the United Nation's green projects

As part of the Carbon Offset Project, the United Nation's has selected a portfolio of environmental projects to tackle for cleaner air, land, water, and better appropriation of resources on a global scale. Contributing to your choice of project can offset some of the environmentally taxing parts of your life that you can't currently change.

5. vote

On the tails of a historic increase of voter turnout in the 2018 midterm elections, it only becomes more important for those numbers to keep climbing. Make sure to read up on how the 2020 candidates stand on environmental issues, and cast your vote accordingly.

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