Here’s How Body-Positivity Surfer Bo Stanley Dresses for Confidence

It's easy to cheer on the body positivity movement from the sidelines by applauding super confident women on Instagram or implementing a no fat-talk rule among your friends, but sometimes actually applying those self-love practices to yourself can be another story.

Surfer and body activist Bo Stanley knows that struggle (her desire to achieve the "ideal" surfing body pushed her to develop an eating disorder as a young woman), which is why she's now made it her mission to help women realize their own self worth.

Step one? Celebrating your body for what it can do, and letting go of trying to change it to fit a certain ideal. For Stanley, one of the simple ways to do that is by wearing clothes that are made to show off her curves (rather than trying to fit into the too-small sample sizes that were mandated by the surfing industry)—and that starts with a bra.

"If my bra feels good, the rest of my outfit feels good."

"If my bra feels good, the rest of my outfit feels good," she says. "If I don't have any pinching or squeezing, I feel confident and good about my body and myself."

Empowering women to feel confident from head to toe is what Aerie's #AerieREAL campaign is all about, which is why we teamed up with Aerie to give you an inside peek into Stanley's closet to see how she uses her wardrobe to feel her most confident.

Watch the video to get the full tour of her closet—and shop her go-to garments below.

In partnership with Aerie

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